5 Reel Circus

What the 5 Reel Circus Slot Machine Game Offers

Featuring a 5 reel, 15 play line design, the 5 Reel Circus slot machine is one of the most popular free online games today. This is a fantasy themed slot machine revolving around the wonderful world of the circus.
Most people have fun and colorful memories regarding the circus, and this is what the 5 Reel Circus slot machine hopes to tap into. This 5-reel slot machine game is designed to bring fun and excitement to all players without having to leave their homes.
For the fun part, one look at this slot machine and you will spot several circus references immediately. The wooden background (mimicking the wooden floor stage), colorful flags, and the logo of this slot machine game are just some of the references towards its circus theme. Aside from that, the designers also integrated carefully drawn figures as symbols on the reel.
Aside from the common playing card symbols, this Circus themed slot machine game also features a tiger, a lion, a lion tamer, a circus cannon, a bearded lady, a contortionists, and clowns. Of course, all of these figures are found in a circus. What’s really interesting about all these is the fact that each the entire design of this slot machine game was carefully crafted in order to give players the best experience possible.
And what adds excitement better than sounds? This Circus slot machine is complete with a variety of slot machine sounds such as background noise, spinning sounds, and different jackpot music. All of these, coupled with the high quality design, complete the circus experience and excitement of this 5 Reel slot machine.
When it comes to the actual game play of the 5 Reel Circus slot machine game, it is complete with several features such as a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and a bonus game feature. Each of these adds an extra dimension into this slot machine game. You can aim for several different combinations or go for other bonuses in this slot machine making it a very versatile and entertaining game.
As for the coins, you can choose from a range of $0.1 to $0.25. The maximum win in this slot machine is 7,500x and the maximum coins per line is $5. Although this slot machine does not feature a progressive slot bonus, it does have a multiplier and possible free spins to give you a better fighting chance.
Simply speaking, this slot machine game offers a lot of reasons why slot machine game enthusiasts should consider this game. As soon as it loads up, you’re immediately captured by the brilliance of the design and feel. This is even made more impressive by the fact that it is a completely free and no download slot machine game. This means that you don’t have to spend any money or wait for anything to be downloaded in order to enjoy this slot machine game. Overall, 5 Reel Circus slots is completely worth trying, most especially if you like great design, audio, huge winnings, and various functionalities on a slot machine game.

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