7s and Stripes

Boost Your Gambling Experience and Winning Opportunities with 7s and Stripes Slots Machine Game

Slot machine games have earned widespread popularity for delivering fantastic gambling experience and great winning opportunities to players. Indeed, interest in the game has been phenomenal, making it the hottest craze to hit the online gambling community. Our site allows you to play free slots, so you’ll get the chance to experience the thrill and intensity of online casino gaming.

100 Free Slot Machine Games

Yes, you read it right, we offer free slot machine game trials of over 100 slots which is perfect for beginners who are still trying to learn how online casino games work. No registration is needed and no download is required. You simply click on a button and you’re ready to play.

7s and Stripes Slots

Unsurprisingly, one the most popular online casino games today is the slot machine game and this is because it is easy to play and the player doesn’t need to have the strength of steel nor the smartest of brains to win. We offer all sorts of fun and exciting slot machine games, and one of these is the very patriotic and fantastic 7s and Stripes Slots.

Simplicity of the Slot Machine

What makes online slot machine games appealing to a lot of casino online gamers is the simplicity of the game mechanics, rules, and conditions. Players don’t have to insert coins or pull tight handles to play this slot machine game. Players spin the reels by just clicking on the mouse and the player is off to go. Since this is online, free 7s and Stripes Slots offer a starting amount of $1,000 for a series of free trial game. There is no registration required to play the slot machine game, making your playing experience more convenient and fun.

Slot Machine Game Objective

The object of the 7s and Stripes slot machine game is to match a combination of three lucky 7s – one red 7, one white 7, and one blue 7 – and you hit the highest payout possible. Players need to bet 3 coins to get the maximum payout. A maximum bet of three coins will activate the highest payout possible per player, but players can still bet smaller amounts of 1 coin or 2 coins.

How to Play 7s and Stripes Slot Machine Game

This slot machine game is not complex and the rules are easy to understand. Indeed, this is one of the most popular online slot machine games in our website because it doesn’t have wild symbols to be wary about. Betting starts at 5 cents and can go up to $5. The slot machine game starts by adding credits to the player’s balance by simply clicking the value of choice.
With this slot machine game, the player chooses how much bet per spin would be. As mentioned, a maximum of 3 coins at a time is allowed.
However, if the player is using the free trial game, there is an automatic $1,000 ‘fun game balance’. The free slot machine game player will just choose whether to bet 3 coins, 2 coins, or 1 coin. When the player presses the “Spin Reel” button, the three reels will spin until it stops to reveal the three-picture combination.
This free online slot machine is so easy to learn, there are no techniques that you need to master. If you are a beginner who is still trying to learn the ropes, you can play this free slot machine game to get on the rhythm so that when you decide to join the big gamers, you will be ready for them.

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