Atomic Age

Quick Facts That You Need To Know About Atomic Age Slots Game

Atomic Age is a no download slot machine game that offers as much as 18,750 in one spin. Featuring 50’s theme, this slot machine game has easy-to-win bonus rounds, making your game more exciting and fun. Here are some quick facts that you should know about this slot machine game.

1. The Atomic Age free slot machine has two easy-to-win bonus rounds.

Two scatter symbols open two kinds of slot machine bonus rounds. The first bonus round of this free slot machine is called the Cash Register Bonus round. The appearance of three or more Cash Register symbols automatically unlocks this slot machine bonus round. But what makes the bonus round unique? The slot machine game bonus round opens with a scene in a store wherein your goal is to choose four items that would total to $50. The closer you get to the value of $50, the higher your prize will be too.
The second bonus round of this free slot machine is called the Drive In Bonus Round. In this round, you will need three or more drive in symbols in one slot machine spin in order to get to this bonus round. Moreover in this round, you will go out on a date on board a luxurious retro vehicle parked in front of a wide movie screen. You will also be required to choose a movie for your date. Your choice of movie will determine the slot machine prize that you win.

2. The Atomic Age free slot machine has bet multipliers but no progressive jackpot.

The winnings you can cash out in this free slot machine game are determined by the total bet that you place. Of course, the bigger the bet you placed, the better your prizes will be. During the regular slot machine rounds, your coin denomination can range from $0.01 to $0.50, with a maximum bet of $37.50. But if you can hit 3, 4 or 5 Cash Register or Drive In symbols in one slot machine spin, then your bet will be multiplied by 1, 2 and 50 times accordingly. With the help of the bet multiplier feature, your maximum bet of $37.50 can get you as much as $1,875 per spin.

3. The Atomic Age free slot machine makes winning easier with four winning combinations for the top three prizes and a wild symbol too.

Unlike any other free slot machine, there are four combinations that you can form to win any of the top three prizes. Five UFO symbols in one slot machine spin will give you 7,500 coins or $18,750. Four UFO symbols will give you 1,500 coins or $3,750. And if you can hit five rocket symbols or five satellite symbols, you’ll will 500 coins or $1,250.
Aside from hitting these slot machine combinations, you can also win with the help of the wild symbol, which is the UFO. You can use this symbol to take the place of any other symbol in order to win a winning combination. The only time that you can’t use this is when there’s any scatter symbol on the slot machine reels.
Prize-wise and experience-wise, the Atomic Age free slot machine is the biggest blast from the past you’ll ever have!

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