Aztecs Treasure

Spin to the Highest Wins with Aztecs Treasure Slot Machine

Stop tinkering with confusing and boring slot machines on the Internet and play one of the best slot machine games out there. There are hundreds of excellent slot games today and Aztecs Treasure Slots is definitely one superb game that you should watch out for. It is a fun and easy to learn slot machine game for beginners and enthusiasts of the casino favorite.

What sets us apart from other slot machines out there is its impressive graphics and sound. Aztec Treasure Slots give you a design infused with sunset colors and chrome. The theme is inspired by the glorious ancient Aztec empire that gave us the mysterious Aztec pyramids and hidden treasures.

Play and navigate our efficient slot machine interface

To begin playing Aztec Treasure Slots, click on the screen capture featuring this particular slot machine. The game uploads on a pop-up screen in a few seconds.

You may consult the game rules by clicking on the “Help” button on the lower left side of the slot machine screen. In there you get to learn more about the winning combinations, the symbols to look out for, and other rules for the slot machine game.

Click on the “Spin” button and being playing. Watch as your winnings increase or decrease with every combination that appears on every line. There are 20 lines to play with on the slot machine and your balance start with 1,000 credit.

Consider your Balance, Bet, and Win panels on the Slot Machine

By carefully considering the relationship of different panels, you’d be able to increase your total winnings and even hit the Random Jackpot on our slot machine. The Random Jackpot increases per cent per half second as you play on.

You have to see that your balance is divided into how many lines you wish to place bets on. When you play more lines you risk more from your balance. But you also increase your chances of raking in big wins.

With online slot machines, it’s highly important to keep these panels in mind and strike a balance. Or better yet a winning strategy.

Key Icons to Watch Out for In Our Slot Machine Game

Aztecs Treasure slot machine has the following regular symbols that can win your high prizes when strung in the right combination on the right reels. The symbols include the numbers 10, 9, the letters J, E, A, and K, a giant bird mask, an Aztec woman, a tiger, and a gold bracelet and pendant.

But you must look out for the Substitute which can stand in for other symbols and increase your wining combos. Aztec Treasure has the Aztec King for its Substitute symbol.

There’s also the Scatter symbol, in this case an Aztec god in bronze, which can earn you free games when it appears 3, 4 or 5 times on the slot machine.

The 5 appearances of the Aztec woman can win you 5,000 credit, while the tiger in high 5 appearances can win you 2,500.

By playing our slot machine game for hours, you develop a great skill which may come in handy when you play for real cash in online casino games.

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