Candy Cottage

Feast Your Eyes on Colorful Treats While Your Bank Account Fills With Huge Prizes From The

The story of Hansel and Gretel is one of the most popular children’s stories of all times. It’s about a boy and a girl who lost their way in the forest and ended up eating from a candy house that an old witch owns. This is the exact same theme that the Candy Cottage slot machine has been crafted from. This 5-reel and 20-payline free slot machine features symbols like a little girl, a little boy, a duck, a long loaf, candies, caramel, chocolates, a candy cottage, a cage, an old lamia and chocolate eggs. The Candy Cottage slot machine has free spins, a bonus game, and three top jackpot prizes.

What You Can Win from One of the Most Rewarding Slot Machines Online

The game offers three top jackpot prizes. The first prize is for five old lamia symbols in one slot machine spin and that gives you 2,500 coins or $6,250. The second top prize gives you 750 coins or $1,875 if you get five little boy or five little girl symbols. And the third highest jackpot prize of 500 coins or $1,250 will be yours if you can hit four old lamia symbols in a single spin in this slot machine game. But these top prizes will only be given to you if you play this slot machine with the maximum bet of $0.25 per line.

Boost Your Winnings in One of the Most Exciting Slot Machines Games

There are also features that can boost your winnings even if you just play at minimum. The first help that you will get from this free slot machine is the wild symbol, which is the old lamia. You can use this symbol as a substitute for any other symbol, except for the two scatter symbols, in order to form a slot machines winning combination. Further, the wild symbol expands during the slot machine regular rounds.
The two scatter symbols in this free slot machine are the candy cottage and the cage symbols. They offer prizes regardless of where they appear as long as the payline is active. Hitting three or more candy cottage symbols and three or more cage symbols will unlock the slot machine free spins and bonus rounds respectively.
In the Candy Cottage slot machine free spins round, you will be initially awarded with 10 free spins. You can use these free spins to try and form slot machine winning combinations without the need of placing bets. The good news is, all the winnings that you can get in this slot machines round will instantly get tripled so if you hit the five old lamia symbols here, then you can win as much as $18,750. Moreover, the free spins can be retriggered too.
On the other hand, in the bonus slot machine round you will be tasked to eat as many candies as you can. But this slot machine task is not as easy as you think because candies will be falling too fast for you to catch. So chances are, you won’t really get to eat to your heart’s content. However, winnings in this slot machine round will be based on the number of candies you’ve eaten so you won’t end this round empty-handed.
If you have the tooth for sweets and prizes, the Candy Cottage is one of the slot machines games for you. Feast your eyes on colorful treats and enjoy huge cash prizes.

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