Carnaval Virtual Slot Machine

If you are looking for the best in online slot machines, then the Carnaval might just be what you want. The Carnaval virtual slot machine is one that needs no additional CPU requirements, no downloads and no pop-ups. It has been designed in a way that the player gets maximum pleasure playing it.

The Carnaval is based on a real casino. The online version of a casino is what the Carnaval is all about.

The Carnaval free slot machine has all that a real casino has to offer. The ambience, the atmosphere and of course the many chances to win. It is a brilliant combination of Monte Carlo’s Bravura Approach and the art of gaming. The Carnaval slot machine brings to fore the royal side of gaming. There are multiple games incorporated within this slot machine.

The Online Casino… Carnaval

The casino brought to you online for free is the virtual slot machine  Carnaval. There are very festive and exciting icons and superb graphics that will the players interest for many an hour. The online slot machine Carnaval has 5 reels for play and 243 ways in which you can win cash. In fact, the winning combinations start at 3 and go right up to 243. The really vibrant reels are place in order of importance. First Carnaval is followed by the Lady Clown who leads to the Banner. This is followed by the Trumpet, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.

In the slot machine Carnaval, there is a table which tells you what number of credits you have to play on the pay lines for a particular symbol. There is also a bonus feature that starts if you get 5 jesters in a row in any winning combination. All you have to do is choose.

Carnaval Fun Play and Real Play

Fun play is easy. All you have to do is click and play. There are no actual wins and no cash payouts.  But if you want to play for real then you have to register yourself at the site. You must be above the age of 18 and you have to put in an initial deposit that will be used when you play. There are many payment gateways available for safe and secure transactions.

So join in the fun today. Let the thrill of a casino be felt right where you are sitting. The sounds and the bright cheerful slot machine Carnaval promises fun and more. All you have to do is click to play. So what are you waiting for … click NOW!

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