Crazy Chameleons

Crazy Chameleons Slot Machine – Super Fun Guaranteed

Crazy Chameleons are energetic, bright and amazing slot machines that invite you to play the 5 reel and 5 pay lines. You can play Crazy Chameleons with the confidence of winning because awards are guaranteed in this slot machine. The graphics are very colorful and bright and you would love playing this virtual slot machine. If your mood is dull for any reason then it is the best online slot machine to change your mood and add some fun.
The top jackpot is of 5,000 coins and this slot machine is very simple to play. You do not need any special software to play it. The virtual slot machine is not without risks but gives you a fun filled experience. The best thing about the game is that you do not need to download it and can play it by simply logging in.

Crazy Chameleons Slot Machine – How to Win

If you play Crazy Chameleons, you would definitely say that this is one of the best free slot machines that gives you the real fun of gaming. The graphics are so realistic that you actually feel the gentleness of the breeze and brightness of the sun. The seagulls announce your win and make your experience completely incredible. What can be a better way to enjoy your free time?

The experience of playing this virtual lot machine is just like surfing on sea waves. The icons are so colorful that your mood would be just fantastic when you play and hit nice awards. You see some of the icons as Crazy Chameleons, Seagull, Surf Boards, Queen, Jack, King, Wave, Swimming Trunks and the Sun.

There are $.25, .05, 1, 2 and 5 coins available and you can choose any one of them to start the bet. You can cover all 5 lines with a minimum bet of $1.25 and can bet to a maximum of $25. When you start playing, it is better to bet with small amounts instead of betting with a large amount at once. Betting in smaller amounts makes you win great prizes.

Crazy Chameleons Slot Machine – The Specials

This virtual slot machine has impressive prizes and thrilling and jubilant heroes that work as mood elevators for you. One can play these slot machines for free without even having to download them. This is not just a five reel and five pay line but also a slot machine with five coin slot. When you bet a coin, 1 pay line gets enabled. Wave is the wild symbol and it can be used as a substitute for any other symbol. You can use this wild symbol to create winning combinations.

To understand it in a better way you can consider an example. If there is 1 wave and 2 Jack symbol on the pay line then you would get 3 coins as payout because of the use of wave, which is a wild symbol – you complete the winning combination of 3 Jack Symbols.

The pay lines are lesser than other online slot machines and that is why you do not have to bet too many coins. This is a simple slot machine and the system of symbols and bonuses is not that complicated…so go ahead and enjoy!

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