Crazy Crocs

Crazy Crocs – A Fun Filled Slot Machine for Everyone

This is virtual slot machine that is based on the theme of water and a group of crazy crocodiles. While you play this slot, you would see single, double and triple black bar symbols. Crazy Crocs is not as complicated and can be learnt easily. Though there are no special features, the slot machine is very interesting and enjoyable. In this online slot machine, the player is offered a small jackpot. You can play for it when the crocodiles are lined up on the pay line.

Have Fun with Crazy Crocs Slot Machine

You do not have to download the Crazy Crocs virtual slot machine. When you start playing it, you see most of the symbols are the same symbols that were used in the old classical slot machines. You will love it for its simplicity and enjoy playing it because it does not involve too many complexities to be understood.

Apart from the typical black bar symbols you also see red sevens that get you prizes of larger value. For winning the slot machine, you can line up any of the bars. The traditional red cherry is also provided by the crocodile symbol and if these land on the pay line then you can get prizes. The trick to get prizes easily keeps the excitement up. Prizes come easily and simply while you play Crazy Crocs. Just like others, Crazy crocs online slot machine has wild symbols that can be used with other symbols to win the prizes. In this virtual slot machine the wild symbols are the crocs. So if you have crocs in the line up then you can have the winning combination even if you miss the other symbol needed to create the winning combination.

Play Crazy Crocs Slot Machine Without Any Downloads

You do not need to download Crazy crocs for playing them. You simply need to click with the mouse and start playing the slot machine. Here you have 3 coins 1 pay line and 3 reel slot machines. Apart from this you have wild symbol. This slot machine can be played absolutely free on your system and you can play with the coin values ranging between .25 and 5. Dollar slots are exciting but you will also enjoy playing quarter.

You can wager your 3 coins for getting more money by winning the jackpot. You can bet for anything less than 15 in this slot machine but the money that you can win can be as high as 25000. Crazy crocs free slot machine attracts players because of the simplicity of features and ease in playing but the best part about them is their jackpots which are easy to win, when compared to the other slot machines.

Why Play Crazy Crocs Slot Machine

If you are trying to know why you should play this slot machine instead of others then the reason is simple. The first important reason is that you can play it instantly when you access it. You need not download any software for playing it because it is supported by your systems and it is a simple free slot machine which is easy to understand, easy to play and easy to win. Login now and start playing this amazingly funny slot machine that you would love.

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