Crusade of Fortune

Crusade of Fortune Slot Machine

Crusade of fortune virtual slot machine is a journey into the bewitching land of beasts and monsters. The exciting slot machine is built around the theme of ghosts and goblins which are sure to fascinate you. You will find interesting animations and symbols like elves, wizards, demons, dwarves, witch-hunters, war-hammerers, shields etc. in this free slot machine. The slot machine has chilling background sounds which add to its captivating quality.
Crusade of fortune is a 5 reel, 20 lines, and multiple coin free online slot machine game. You can win 3, 00,000 coins in the main game and 2, 50,000 coins in the bonus game of the slot machine. The slot machine game allows a bet of 1-20 coins per bet line on up to 20 bet lines. The minimum bet is one coin per one line and the maximum bet allowed is 20 coins on all 20 lines.

Knowing the Symbols in the Crusade of Fortune Online Slot Machine

Wild and scatter symbols are special features of this virtual slot machine. The ‘Wizard’ represents the wild symbol and the ‘Dwarf hammerer’ stands for the scatter symbol. A wild symbol acts as a substitute for any symbol except for the scatter and bonus symbol to make a winning combination. The scatter symbol pays out the multiplier value (determined by the combination of symbols as per the pay table) multiplied by the total bet amount.
To begin playing the slot machine, just click on the spin button and the reels will be rolled over to give your winning combination. Certain buttons appearing on your screen will help you select your bet lines and bet levels in the slot machine game. Click on ‘Bet level’ to increase the number of coins bet by one. ‘Bet line’ selects the number of bet lines you want to bet on. Each time you click on Bet line, the number of lines bet on will increase by one. The ‘Coin value’ button in the slot machine enables you to raise the coin value to the next available one. ’Max Bet’ plays the slot machine at the maximum number of coins allowed and spins the reel automatically.

Free Spins Make This Virtual Slot Machine More Exciting

You can also win free spins in the slot machine. Free spins are activated by 3 scatter symbols. Additional free spins can be won during free spins. Once you have won free spins, click on the ’Start free spins’ button to use your free spins. You win thrice the amount while playing out the free spins in the slot machine.

If you are lucky you might even get the chance of playing the bonus game of the Crusade of fortune free slot machine. The bonus game gets activated if three bonus symbols are displayed on the bet lines. When the slot machine bonus game begins, the player assumes the role of the heroic warrior and his mission is to beat the fierce Orc in a battle. The pay out of the slot machine bonus game depends on how much destruction the warrior can hurl on the Orc and how successful he is in protecting himself form the attacks of the Orc. You can win a bonus treasure if you manage to kill the Orc in the three allotted rounds. There are two stages in each round of the bonus game. In the first stage, the warrior is given a chance to attack the Orc and in the second one the warrior is supposed to block the Orc’s attacks.
Pay outs are made only for the highest winning combinations of a bet line. Symbol combinations appearing on the screen should be in succession from left most to right in order to make a winning combination. The ‘Pay table’ summarizes the winning combinations of the slot machine game. Crusade of Fortune slot machine can be played directly using flash and requires no downloading. This online slot machine will keep your eyes fixed to your computer screen for hours.
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