Devil’s Delight

Meet the Devil at Devil’s Delight Slot Machine

Devil’s delight is an alluring virtual slot machine full of nasty and mischievous animations. Based on the theme of devils and demons, the slot machine includes enchanting symbol like the she devil, 666 icon, soul reaper, pentacle and symbols representing the seven deadly sins, i.e. Pride, gluttony, sloth, lust, wrath, envy and greed. You can look forward to a fun-filled and thrilling experience with Devil’s delight free slot machine. The vibrant graphics and perky symbols of the slot machine will surely capture your attention.

Devil’s delight is a 5 reel, 3 rows, 20 lines and multiple coin free slot machine. You can play 1 to 20 bet lines on up to 10 bet levels. The slot machine includes many exciting features like the scatter and wild symbols, soul reaper bonus and the Sin spin features.

Devil’s Delight – A Fun and Easy to Play Online Slot Machine

Click the spin button to play the slot machine on the selected bet level and bet line. The spin button rolls over the reels of the slot machine and flashes a combination of symbols that determines your winning amount. The ‘Max Bet’ symbol on your screen plays the maximum bet lines and bet levels. The ‘Auto’ button automatically plays the selected number of rounds.

You can win free spins while playing the Devil’s Delight online slot machine. Free spins get activated when 3 scatter symbols flash on the screen. Free spins are played at the same bet as the bet amount of the round in which the spins get activated. The amount won in the free spins of the slot machine is the total winning amount multiplied by the multiplier value displayed. Additional free spins can be won while playing out the free spins. Two scatter symbols activate free spins during free spins. These are automatically added to the existing free spins.

Excitement at Its Best with Devil’s Delight Online Slot Machine

The exciting Soul reaper bonus feature of the slot machine can win you a lot of money. The soul reaper bonus gets activated when the bonus symbols are displayed on reels 3, 4 and 5 of the slot machine. Bonus can also get activated during free spins. While playing the bonus, you are supposed to match the correct sign to each character. A coin is coin is awarded for each correct match and that character is added to the soul-o-meter. The total bonus amount of the slot machine is the sum of all bonus wins accumulated while playing the bonus.

Sin spins is a fun feature unique to Devil’s delight online slot machine. The sin spins get activated when the soul-o-meter contains 15 souls. The sin spins featured in the slot machine include a total of 10 spins. This feature of the slot machine enables you to win more amount of money if your betting amount is high. The win amount is based on the average of bets used while winning souls.

Winning combinations and corresponding pay-outs of the slot machine are determined by the Pay table. The winning amount is calculated by multiplying each bet line win by the number of coins bet per bet line. The Pay-outs are made for the highest winning combination per active bet line. Symbol combinations in the slot machine should be in succession in order to make a winning combination.

As the name suggests, Devil’s Delight slot machine is a delightful trip into the world of bewitching devils. It is easy to play and needs no downloading. You can just click to register free and begin playing the slot machine directly on your browser. Devil’s delight slot machine will keep you entertained with a dose of wicked excitement!

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