Dog Pound

How To Win Big In the Dog Pound Free Slot Machine

Like in any slot machine game, how you play the game determines your success in the game. So to win huge prizes in the Dog Pound slot machine game, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Let’s start by learning the basics of this slot machine.

The Dog Pound free slot machine has five reels and 15 pay lines. Its theme is based on the most popular dog breeds today. With that said, expect to see Dachshund, Dalmatian, Saint Bernard, Bulldog, Poodle, Doberman, Chihuahua and Shar Pei symbols all throughout this slot machine game. You will also come across other symbols like a doggy bone, a can of dog food, a ball, and a dog catcher.

Of all the symbols this online slot machine game features, two will be your best weapons and these are the Bulldog (which is the wild symbol) and the Chihuahua (which is the scatter symbol.)

2. Choose your bets.

You have five bet choices in this free slot machine: $0.01, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25 and $0.50. Keep in mind that as in any online slot machine, the size of your winnings will be directly proportional to the amount of bet you placed. Hence, it is only when you play this slot machine with maximum bet of $37.50 to cover all 15 lines that you’d get the following cash prizes:

• $25,000 for 5 Bulldog symbols

• $5,000 for 4 Bulldog symbols

• $1,875 for 5 Poodle or 5 Doberman symbols

3. If you can’t hit the required slot machine combinations to bag any of the three top prizes, then at least get one wild symbol on your reels.

In this free slot machine, the wild symbol is the Bulldog. If the Bulldog appears on your reel, you can use it to take the place of any other symbol that is needed to form a winning slot machine combination. And if you use the bulldog to bag a win, the value of your prize will be automatically doubled so instead of getting $1,875 for five Poodle symbols, you can cash out $3,750 if you get four Poodle symbols and one Bulldog symbol.

4. The more scatter symbols you hit, the bigger your winnings will be too.

The Dog Pound slot machine game’s scatter symbol is the Chihuahua symbol. If you can hit 2, 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols in a single spin of the slot machine, your bet will be multiplied by 2, 5, 20 or 500 times too.

Other than that, hitting at least three of these symbols in a single spin of the slot machine will unlock the slot machine game’s free spins round. During this slot machine round you will be given 15 redeemable free spins. Thus, you have 15 chances to try to form any of the top three winning combinations. But the best part is all the winnings you get in this round will be automatically tripled so instead of winning the top jackpot of $25,000, you’ll get $75,000.

Winning big in the Dog Pound free slot machine game is more than just luck. Plan your game and know the rules. If you continue playing at maximum, you might end up with nothing. But if you alternate between maximum and minimum bets at the right time, then you can earn profit from the total amount of money you spent on this free slot machine game.

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