Double Wammy

Double Wammy Online Slot Machine

If you want to have the feel of casino slot machines but enjoy it within the comfort of your own home, Double Wammy is the slot machine for you. Not only does it look like a digital representation of your classic slot machine, it works the same way as the casino classic as well. The bright colors used for this online slot machine is sure to keep you enthralled and entertained as you take your chances with probability and strive to win big.

About Free Double Wammy

Double Wammy is a virtual representation of the slot machines and is absolutely free with no download required. As such, everything is at the click of a mouse button.  The appearance of this virtual slot machine, as mentioned earlier, is very similar to the classic slot machines found in casinos.  Even the symbols used are generally the same.  Symbols that can be found on the reels of this virtual slot machine are the Double Wammy logo, as well as the classic “7”, cherries and bars logos.
This game has one play line with three reels just like the regular slot machines.  Players can choose to bet one, two or three coins in this version of Double Wammy. Betting on this slot machine is done by hitting either the “bet one” or “bet max” button depending on how much you want to risk.  After you have placed your bet, hit the “spin” button and hope that lady luck is on your side.

Possible Double Wammy Results

With the different symbols on Double Wammy slot machines, there are nine possible winning combinations. The great thing about the Double Wammy slot machines is that there is a high probability of winning at least a couple of coins because the slot machine seems to be very generous with handing out its cherry symbols.  Just coming up with one cherry symbol is enough to earn you two points if you bet one and six points if you bet three in the slot machine.
The Double Wammy logos serve as the wild for this free slot machine and may be substituted with any other symbol to create a winning combination.  The highest point earning combination in this free slot machine are three Double Wammy logos which, on a three coin bet, pay out two thousand and five hundred points.

Why Play Double Wammy?

Besides being able to play the Double Wammy slot machines without having to download it and the comfort of playing at home, this slot machine has the classic feel and is free from the fancy distractions that many other virtual slot machines have. Powered by Micro-gaming software, Double Wammy is a great way to play virtual slot machines and is sure to keep you entertained.  Playing on slot machines has always been addictive, it gets so much more addictive when you can access it and play it whenever you want.

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