Excalibur Free Slot Machines

If you like the idea of playing a game of probability with slot machines and have a fascination with the medieval age, then the Excalibur slot machine is for you.  It’s a free, slot machine which features graphics that are reminiscent of the age of jousting, knights and damsels in distress. Although playing on the slot machines can get quite addictive, the notion of losing money isn’t.  What’s great about playing the Excalibur online slot machine is that you don’t have to risk your money, you don’t have to download it to play and it’s completely free to indulge in a little game of luck on the slot machines.

Look and Feel of Virtual Excalibur Slot Machines

The Excalibur slot machines game has five reels.  The different pictures on the reels include a fortune teller, a water witch, a golden cup, a jouster, a knight and damsel, a king, a wizard and different crests. The border of this virtual slot machine looks wooden, as if you were actually playing on what slot machines might have looked like in the olden days. As you play this virtual slot machine, you can even hear the sounds of horses neighing, a flute playing and the chatter of the people as they walk along the busy streets of a medieval city.

Playing Excalibur Slot Machines

There are five different buttons on the bottom of the slot machines.  The first is the “Bet Level” button which multiplies the coin value in order to increase the bet size that you want to play with.  This ranges from one to four. Then there is the “Bet Lines” button which allows players to change the number of pay lines for this particular game of virtual slot machines. There are twenty different pay lines for Excalibur. The third symbol is the “Spin” symbol which simply spins the reels of the slot machine.  Fourth down the line is the “Max Bet” button which enables all pay lines to be played and spins at your current coin value and bet level. Lastly, the “Coin Value” button allows you to select an amount to bet on each chosen pay line.  The value can range from $0.01 to $0.20 when you place your coin value for this virtual slot machine.

Information on Excalibur Slot Machines Symbols

As this version of online slot machines is set in the medieval age, it is only fitting that it be named after the mythical sword of King Arthur.  Even more fitting is that the picture of this mythical sword is the wild multiplier symbol for this slot machine. If it comes up in a winning combination, your winnings are doubled.  Even more sought after in this slot machine is the Gold Excalibur which is also a multiplier symbol.  However, this multiplier symbol quadruples your winnings. One other lucky symbol in this slot machine is the Gold Chalice.  It is the scatter symbol for Excalibur slot machines and getting at least two of this symbol will win you up to thirty free spins if lady luck is on your side.

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