Fantastic 7s

Fantastic 7s Slot Machines

If you enjoy playing free slot machines that are easy to understand, as simple as virtual slot machines can get and are as close of a representation to what real slot machines are like, then the Fantastic 7s slot machines should probably be at the top of your list for virtual slots. The Fantastic 7s virtual slot machines requires no download and it’s free to use for people who just want to enjoy a risk free round on the slot machines without having to leave the house.

Getting Started on Free Fantastic 7s

Staying as true as can possibly be expected to the best of classic slot machines, Fantastic 7s slot machines have the basic three reels and one line slot game set up. This virtual game of slot machines has the six usual images including the “7” symbol, the one, two and three bar symbols as well as the cherry symbol.  The cherry symbol also counts as the wild symbol for this classic version of virtual slot machines. In total, there are ten different winning combinations that can be hit when playing on the Fantastic 7s slot machine.
The selectable values of the coins can go anywhere in between 0.25 to 1.00 with the maximum bet for this virtual slot machine being three coins. The hope, when playing slot machines, whether real or online, is always to hit the jackpot.  When playing Fantastic 7s virtual slot machine game, the jackpot is a whopping 2500 coins.  However, there is a bit of a twist to winning the jackpot prize for these slot machines because you must make the maximum bet for each spin to get to that alluring jackpot.

Fantastic 7s Walk Through

Even if the Fantastic 7s free virtual slot machines is very simple, it is entertaining and addicting none the less. When you first start playing on this kind of virtual slot machine, you are given 750 credits or coins to start yourself off. The credits can be viewable on this slot machine at the bottom left hand corner of the slot.  From then on, playing this kind of virtual slot machine is very straight forward. The plus and minus buttons toggle the value of the coin, the “Bet One” button switches the coin amount out from one to three and the “Bet Max” button automatically bets the highest amount for you and then spins the reel.

Playing Free vs. Playing Real Fantastic 7s

If you’re feeling lucky, you can go to the bottom of the page and click “Play For Real” and put some actual cash on the line for this virtual version of slot machines. Choosing to play for real with the Fantastic 7s virtual slot machines will give $150 free after the first cash deposit is made for the game.  Various payment methods can be availed of to play the real version of the Fantastic 7s slot machines such as Visa and Mastercard. Otherwise, you will just be playing the free or demo version of this slot machine which does not have any pay out nor does it require any online deposit of money before it can be played.

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