Fantastic Fruit

Old School Fun with Fantastic Fruit Slot Machine

Fantastic Fruit slot machine may be old school but it definitely is still a lot of fun. This classic slot machine is made even juicier with the nice fruity graphics. This slot machine game is so easy to play. Fantastic Fruit Slots are also available online for free that is why it is definitely convenient for anyone who wishes to have fun.

Unlike other slot machine games, Fantastic Fruit slot machine does not offer much payout. The good news though is that players get to play for a longer time since their money will generally last longer in this game. This slot machine is highly recommended to those who love old school simple slots.

What makes this slot machine game greater than most is that it is powered by Rival, one of the best software providers today. It is a three-reel, 1-payline game with the minimum bet of 1 cent and maximum bet of $15. This slot machine has 96% expected payout so players get to play for a longer period of time.

The graphics of the Fantastic Fruit slot machine is also worthy of praise. On the reels, players will find tasty fruit symbols that include lemons, apples, cherries, and plums. On top of that, the Fantastic Fruit slot machine is also known for the bar symbols which bear its own credits.

The Fantastic Fruit slot machine is actually a very easy game. It is best for killing the time or relaxing. It does not have any wild symbols so it is basically very easy to get the hang of the game. While some people may find this boring, those who wish clean and simple fun will have a grand time with this slot machine.

Players can rejoice if they find cherries on the reels of the slot machine. This means they have the chance of getting maximum winnings. One or two cherries give double rewards. Three cherries, on the other hand, means triple the rewards.

On top of that, if the player played with all three coins and got three cherries on the reels, this means that player won the maximum jackpot prize. Unlike other slot machine games, Fantastic Fruit slot machine does not have bonus rounds. However, betting the maximum number of coins triggers maximum payout of up to four hundred coins.

Fantastic Fruit slot machine game is already considered a classic. This means it is an old game that people used to enjoy. The good thing about the free online version though is that the sounds and graphics of the slot machine are great. It relives old fun memories while updating the quality of the game so it can compete with today’s online games.

Generally, Fantastic Fruit Slot machine is a great game. The slot machine does not take too much time to get going. It does not require too much from the player’s bank account. At the same time, the slot machine is powered by good software that makes it easier to access and use.

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