Flower Power

Flower Power Virtual Slot machine

Free and no download slot machines  lovers of the hippie kind will rejoice when they get a chance to play the Flower Power virtual slot machine. With its warm pink and purple slot machine screen, groovy colors from the flower power age, and hippie motif symbols, everyone is sure to enjoy playing a little game of luck on this psychedelic online slot machine brought to you by Microgaming.

Playing on Flower Power Slot Machines

The slot machine on Flower power is a three reel and three pay line slot machine.  Winning combinations can be formed on three separate reels and each coin bet in the slot machine enables another pay line to be played. There are five regular symbols: the peace sign, the flower, along with the custom slot machines symbols of the three bars, two bars and one bar which have been jazzed up with some colourful flowers. Along with these five symbols, there is also the Flower Power logo which acts as the wild symbol for this online slot machine.  The Flower Power symbol can thus be substituted with any other symbol to form a winning combination. Flower Power’s jackpot is an inviting 5,000 coins with the second highest pay out being a hefty 3,000 coins.

Selecting Auto Play for Flower Power Slot Machines

On this no-download-required slot machine, there is “Autoplay” option that can be selected. This enables the slot machine to play automatically for your desired number of spins.  To activate this option, all you need to do is click the “Expert” button which appears at the bottom of the screen for the Flower Power slot machines screen.  After clicking the “Expert” button, you simply need to select which coin you want to play your spins with along with the amount of pay lines that you wish be able to bet on.  After that click on the “Autoplay” button and this will launch the relevant menu for your spins. At this time, you will be able to input how many spins you want the slot machine to play automatically. This also includes the time delay option on the slot machine as well as the different stop settings that you may or may not want to choose from. When you have fixed all of the settings you want, just hit the “Start” button on the slot machine screen and hope that luck is on your side.

Real Play vs. Free Play on Flower Power Slot Machines

For some people, it is the addictive game of chance and the excitement it brings that makes them want to play on the slot machines forever.  What’s great about Flower Power is that it can be played online for free without having to risk any money whatsoever.  However, for those who do enjoy the thrill of the slot machines along with the possibility of your risks paying out big, this virtual slot machine game can also be played with real money involved.  It can be played for real money in denominations of American dollars, British pounds and Euros.

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