Flying Colors

Flying Colors Slot Machine: A Game of Fun and Money

If you’re into war games and you also want to earn some extra cash, then you have to try your luck in the Flying Colors slot machine. The Flying Colors slot machine employs the same basic principle used in online slot machines, which is to spin the reels and match the right combinations. Yet there is the excitement of bringing the enemies down that happens during the bonus round. Now, let’s take a look at the elements of this fun and challenging slot machine game.
The Flying Colors online slot machine is based on the icons during the World War II. Therefore, expect to see the following symbols all throughout the slot machine game: Green Pilot, Red Pilot, Yellow Pilot, Madam, Propeller and War Plane. And since this is still an online slot machine game, you will also encounter the Nine, Jack, Ten, Queen and King symbols.

Which symbols are the most important in the Flying Colors slot machine?

Of all the above-mentioned symbols, three stand out because of their significance in this online slot machine. The War Plane symbol holds the highest value in this slot machine game as hitting five of it at once gives you $25,000, granted that you are playing the slot machine at the maximum bet of $0.25 per line. But if you can only hit 4 War Plane symbols in one slot machine spin and you’re playing at maximum, you will still win $2,500.
On the other hand, 5 Madam symbols will still give you $2,500 while 5 Green Pilot symbols will give you $1,250. Note that these prizes will be yours if you’re playing the regular round of this online slot machine using maximum bets. If you are playing the slot machine regular round but are using the minimum bet of $0.01 per line, then your reward won’t be as high.
Are there any other helpful features in the Flying Colors online slot machine?
Aside from spinning the reels and waiting for the right combinations to win prizes, the Flying Color slot machine also offers three helpful features.
1. The wild symbol, which is the War Plane, helps create more winning combinations during the regular slot machine round because it can replace any other symbol that is needed to form a winning combination. The only time that the power of the wild symbol is voided is when in the presence of the two scatter symbols: the Propeller and the Red Pilot.
2. You need to hit three or more Red Pilot symbols in order to activate the slot machine bonus round. During the bonus round, you will be required to shoot down as many enemy planes as you can. The more planes you hit, the bigger your prize will be too. So aim your target and open fire!
3. The last helpful feature that you will get in the Flying Colors online slot machine is the free spins round. If you can hit 3, 4 or 5 Propeller symbols then you will be awarded with 7, 14 and 25 free spins respectively. The best thing about the free spin round is that all the winnings are doubled so instead of $25,000, the highest that you can win in this slot machine during this free spin round is $50,000.
When it comes to entertainment, nothing beats interactive games that are easy to do and yet very satisfying. And when it comes to winning, nothing beats the thrill of waiting for the right combinations in online slot machines. So if you are looking for just the right blend of these two, then the Flying Colors slot machine is the best game to play.

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