Fortune Cookie

Try a Fortune Cookie Virtual Slot Machine

Enjoy a delicious adventure and all the while keeping and increasing your fortune with the free Fortune Cookie online slot machine.  This slot machine is a no-download online version i.e. to play with these slot machines one does not have to download the slot, instead they have the leisure to simply play the slot machine online for free. As long as the computer has Flash, this fun and entertaining online slot machine is all yours to play for a certain time only. This virtual slot machine game is very well constructed, likened to actual slot machines in casinos – it spins and whirs like any other slot machine out there. With its bright colors and blinking lights, the whole virtual slot machine creates the image of a casino online, drawing one in to keep playing the fortune cookie slot machine.

How to Play

This virtual fortune cookie slot machine is relatively easy to play, there are three buttons at the bottom of the virtual slot machine – bet one, bet max, and spin. These are the only buttons that one needs to press to play the slot machine bet one meaning that you will be betting just one coin or dollar in the slot machine, while bet max on the slot machine means that one is willing to give more cash in hopes of getting even more cash than the slot machine bet one button offers. So place your bet on the slot machine first, press spin, then off your slot machine goes! Depending on what kind of slot machine combination you get, you win a corresponding amount as well. There are different symbols in the slot machine that one can combine to win prizes; there is the cherry, the seven symbol, the single bar, the triple bar, and the fortune cookie jackpot for the slot machine. The starting credit denomination for the slot machine is seven-hundred and fifty dollars and the bet one is at around fifty cents. This slot machine, like actual slot machines, spins randomly once you press the spin button and stops at random. Unlike other online slot machines, there are times where the player can actually win the jackpot.

The Difference

Unlike other virtual casino slot machines, actual online betting is not required, instead the player is already provided with a beginning credit of seven hundred and fifty dollars. This amount of money is good for the player as the player will not incur that big a loss. This virtual casino slot machine which is hosted by the Spin Palace Casino, is a fun and entertaining game which players can easily get hooked on to. This is not a bad thing actually, as this one actually has a time limit in which they user has to close the whole program so as to prevent online casino addiction.
The fortune cookie slot machine, with its bright colors and realistic sound is a  virtual slot machine worth playing and getting back to – once in a while.

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