Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller Free Slot Machine

Gaze into the crystal ball to seek a happy destiny and good luck with the virtual, free and no download required Fortune Teller slot machine launched back in November 2007. With the fantastic Mr. Omar as your fortune seeking guru and company throughout this virtual representation of slot machines, you can have fun playing this thrilling online slot machine which carries the gypsy and fortune telling theme that was popularized in Romania.

Having Fun with Free Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller is a five reel virtual slot machine.  This slot machine also has twenty possible pay lines.  To support the theme of the fortune telling and Romanian gypsies, the symbols used for this virtual slot machine include the crystal ball, the tarot cards, the palm for palm reading, a gypsy wagon and even the magic eight ball.  For this online slot machine, you can bet the minimum bet of a one cent per coin up to the maximum of ten cents per coin. Because of this, it is possible for the player to enable all twenty pay lines in this slot machine with as little as twenty cents per spin on the slot machines up to twenty dollars per spin.  Also available on the Fortune Teller slot machines is a five thousand times bet jackpot should a spinner or player get a winning combination of five crystal balls.

Add-On Features and Bonuses for Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller slot machine has several add-on features that make playing it even more fun.  First on the list of this slot machine’s extra features is the Wild Symbol which, in this slot machine, is the crystal ball. The crystal ball can substitute for all other symbols that appears on the reels of the slot machine and as such can help to make winning combinations for all of the symbols with exception to the scatter symbols.  On this free slot machine, the Scatter Symbols are the Ouija board symbol and the tarot card symbol.  If the player gets three or more of the Ouija board symbol, it activates a bonus game on the slot machine in which you can play five spins and not lose any of your free credits.  If the player gets three or more tarot card symbols appear randomly in any of the five reels of the slot machine, the Future Fortunes bonus game gets activated and the player stands the chance to win close to nine hundred times the amount they bet in the bonus game of slot machine.

Fortune Teller Bonus Game

There is a bonus game for the Fortune Teller slot machines that gets activated when a player gets three or more tarot card symbols in any of the five reels on the slot machine.  This game on the slot machine gives the player the chance to win up to nine hundred times more the amount that they bet.  For this game, the player will get the chance to pick a card amongst two cards given by our slot machine companion, Mr. Omar.  Mr. Omar will then proceed to predict the card that you choose.  Every time Mr. Omar is able to predict the card that was chosen by the player, the player wins.

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