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Jackpot 6000 Free Slots

The video slot game Jackpot 6000 looks like a rather typical slot machine with lemons, cherries, grapes, stars, bells, and jokers. There are three reels that make up five bet lines or lines you can bet on: the three horizontal rows and the two diagonals.

The outcome of Jackpot 6000 free slots is determined by a computerized random number generator SHA1 RNG from Sun Microsystems. The National Laboratory for Forensic Science in Sweden and Technical Systems Testing in Canada are two independent certification bodies that have approved the SHA1 RNG.

The minimum bet in Jackpot 6000 free slots is one coin on one bet line and the maximum is 10 coins covering all the bet lines or two coins for each of the five bet lines. If you keep pressing the “BET” button after starting with 1 coin on one line, you will double to two coins on one line, then two on all five lines.

Alternatively, to bet the maximum on Jackpot 6000 free slots, all you have to do is to press the “MAX BET” button and it automatically places your bet and starts the spin.

Whenever you win on Jackpot 6000 free slots the two side-by-side buttons depicting heads or tails light up. This means you can bet all or a part of your winnings on heads or tails which gives you a 50% chance to doubble up your winnings. You can keep playing heads or tails until you lose.

The default in Jackpot 6000 free slots is to place all your winnings on Heads or Tails, but if you only want to bet a part of your winnings, you have to press the TRANSFER button. Each time you press it, 20 coins are taken out of the amount to bet on Heads or Tails. Once you’ve set aside the amount you don’t want to bet, click Heads or Tails to bet on the remaining amount.

If you make the Jackpot 6000 free slots maximum bet and win, you can play the “Supermeter” mode. The meter is above the regular game and the picture of the pay table in the upper left corner shows the winning combinations and the amounts. When you play Jackpot 6000 free slots in Supermeter mode, the bet is automatically 20 coins divided over all five bet lines.

The joker pay table to the right of the Supermeter pay table shows what you win with three jokers on a bet line based on bet level. If you have two jokers visible on Jackpot 6000 free slots you will win a mystery amount that can be anything from between 10 and 6000 coins. When you have virtual winnings on Jackpot 6000 free slots and want to collect them, all you have to do is press the “COLLECT” button.

In the lower left corner of the Jackpot 6000 Jacks Vegas slots screen are three buttons: one for game settings, one for toggling sound on or off, and one for a help screen. The game settings can be switched between regular play and fast play (which makes the game go faster) with the sound on or off for each mode.