Fruit Slots

Fruit Slots Virtual Slot Machines

Taking you back in time to the classic and ageless days on the slot machines is the Fruit Slot online, free and no download necessary slot machine.  Get ready to go back in time to play on a representation of some of the first slot machines.  As far as anyone is concerned, this version of the online slot machine certainly is old school but still has the capacity to entertain and keep people hooked for hours on end with its simplistic nature but high entertainment value.

The Look and Feel of Fruit Slots

The Fruit Slots online slot machine is, as its name suggests, a fruit themed slot machine.  With its bright purple background and bright colours, the slot machine’s aesthetic certainly does give you a fruity feel.  Along with the classic bar symbols, this slot machine also includes the cherries symbol along with other popular fruits such as watermelons, oranges, lemons and grapes.  The Fruit Slots slot machine even has some catchy tunes to accompany your playtime as it brings you back to the sounds of the brick and mortar casinos.

Fruit Slots Game Details

Fruit Slots is a virtual slot machine that doesn’t require any download and can be played for free.  It is a typical three reel slot machine with only one pay line.  Despite this, however, the Fruit Slots slot machine still has a lot to offer its players.  The option to choose the different coin values is available for this slot machine as well as determining whether you would like to bet only one coin or three coins.  This feature brings the maximum bet for one game on the Fruit Slots slot machine to be thirty dollars.
The minimum bet for the Fruit Slots slot machine is one coin which is worth ten cents.  Since there is only one pay line that is usable on this slot machine, the winning is very straight forward and the highest winning combinations are the only ones paid (over one combination made on the slot machine reel).

Playing Fruit Slots

Since the Fruit Slots slot machine is very reminiscent of the simple and classic slot machines, playing it is not at all difficult to understand.  The free version of this slot machine starts with seven hundred and fifty credits.  The “+” and “-“ signs are what increase and decrease the coin value of your bet and clicking the “Bet One” button allows you to select how many coins you are going to bet for each game on the slot machine.  The “Bet Max” button is like an “Auto Play” button as it automatically sets the highest possible bet on the slot machine and automatically spins the reel as well.  If you are playing with a bet that you have customized, however, it will be necessary to click the “Spin” button so that the reels on the slot machine start spinning.
Every time the player bets on the slot machine and loses, the decreased credit will be shown on the lower left hand side of the slot machine screen where the credits are being counted. The highest possible jackpot is 2,500 coins for a winning combination of three fruit bunches while the smallest win possible is 3 coins for the winning combination of two cherries.

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