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Game On Free Slot Machines

Game on is a vibrant and enthralling virtual slot machine. It is built around a very interesting theme amalgamating the animal kingdom and the football world cup tournament. Game On is a visually appealing slot machine which features a variety of animals, exotic looking fruits and different kinds of sports paraphernalia.

How to Play

Game on is a three reel, one pay line and one coin slot machine. It’s a very simple and easy to follow online slot machine. All you have to do is to click on the spin option in Game on which will flash a combination of symbols on the pay line that decide your winning amount. Additional multiple random features like “Nudge” and “Hold” can also be used while playing Game On slot machine. The “Nudge” features in the slot machine allow you to spin over a single reel to view the next symbol. You can use the nudge feature up to 4 times per spin. Nudge further includes three more random features i.e.: Bank, Repeat and Gamble. Nudge bank enables you to carry over nudges to the next spin. You can hold the nudges awarded in a particular spin avail them in the next one using this feature. Nudge repeat in Game on allows you to repeat the equal number of nudges you used in the last spin and Gamble Nudge will award extra nudges for a spin.

Winning at this Virtual Slot Machine

If you have luck by your side, you can also win up to a thousand times of your bet amount in the Game on slot machine’s Soccer Safari Bonus Game. Game on begins if three Ball symbols flash in a line on the pay line or if you manage to acquire three Ball symbols on the ball rack. When the Soccer Safari Bonus gets activated, three meters are displayed on the screen, out of which one is randomly selected. Each meter consists of seven levels and the levels of the selected meter begin to flash on the screen. You can then click on the STOP button to choose the highest multiplier amongst the seven levels. Once you select a value it gets multiplied with your bet amount. The bonus game featured in Game On slot machine also has a Yes or No repeater function which gives you the option of repeating the Soccer Safari Bonus.

You can win a handsome amount of money by playing Game On virtual slot machine. Once the reel stops, the money you have won is determined by the symbols displayed on the pay line. The amount in Game on, a combination of symbols pays out is multiplied by your total bet amount. For example, the pay line displays 3 melons and your total bet amount is 10 credits. In that case your winnings paid out on the slot machine will be equal to 100 credits since 3 melons pay out a 10 multiplier value. All winnings of Game On slot machine are paid out in credit and are awarded on the highest combination on the pay line only.

You can register free for Game on and start playing Game On slot machine now. It can be played directly on your browser without having to go through the trouble of downloading it.You can definitely look forward to a fun and engaging time ahead with Game On!

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