Genies Gems

Genies Gems Free Slot Machines
Genies gems virtual slot machine is a bright and delightful one with enchanting symbols like the Genie, the magic carpet, Genie’s lamp and the princess’s palace. Apart from the genies gems, other symbols featured in the slot machine include tens, jacks, queens and kings. Genies gems slot machine brings to you a lot of luck and riches.  It is just like your own personal genie granting you all your wishes and all the wealth in the world. The slot machine game is full of striking animations and colorful graphics, which will leave you spellbound in the magical land of the genie. There are no wild symbols in genies gems slot machine.
How to Play
Genies gems is a 5 reel,5 pay-line and 5 coin slot machine.You can choose the number of lines you want to bet on from 1 to 5. The slot machine allows a maximum of 5 coins per spin. You enable another pay line, for every coin you bet. The ‘Spin’ button rolls over the reel and displays the winning combination on the paylines. Geneis gems slot machine offers a total of 29 winning combinations and a maximum pay-out of 10,000 coins. Genies gems slot machine offers the chance of winning a jackpot of 10,000 coins. Unlike some other slot machines, there are no progressive jackpot features in the Genies Gems free online slot machine. However, you can win a lot of money with coin jackpot. Five genies together on an enabled play-line can win you an enormous amount of money.
What Do You Win
The winning amount of Genies Gems online slot machine is determined by the combination of symbols displayed on the pay lines and their corresponding value according to the pay schedule. Click on ‘Pay Schedule’ appearing on your screen to know about the winning combinations of Genies Gems online slot machine. The wining amounts of Genies gems are paid out on the highest combinations only.  Also, the pay-outs are made only for the winning combinations on the enabled pay-lines. Pay-outs are made in coins for each winning combination, which are then converted into credit depending upon the coin size you bet per pay-line.
The ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs on your screen enable you to increase or decrease the coin size bet. Genies gems online slot machine has two more features; ‘Bet One’ and ‘Max Bet’. ‘Bet’ one increases the number of coins you want to bet by one and ‘Max Bet’ automatically bets the maximum number of coins allowed in Genies gems.
Two conditions must be fulfilled in order to generate a winning combination. Firstly, the symbols must be next to each other on an enabled pay line. And, at least one symbol should be displayed either on the first or the fifth slot reel. For example, if a symbol appears only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th slot then no pay-out will be made as the symbol is not displayed on the first or fifth reel.A special feature of Genies gems online slot machine is that it pays out on combinations from left to right as well as right to left which increases the chances of winning.
You can register free and begin playing Genies gems slot machine. It will load instantly on your screen and all you have to do is click and start playing. There is no need to download the slot machine;it can be played instantly on your computer screen using Flash.It’s an engrossing free slot machine that can win you heaps of money. So, get hooked on to the super exciting Genies gems slot machine now!

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