Gladiators Gold

Win with Gladiators Gold Virtual Slot Machine

Gladiators Gold online slot machine is built around the theme of gladiators of ancient Rome. You can win a big sum of money to match the opulence of the ancient Roman Empire by playing Gladiators gold online slot machine.

Gladiators Gold slot machine has a number of features symbolizing the violent confrontations and the fierce battles of Gladiators of the Roman Empire. Gladiators Gold is a visually appealing slot machine with colourful and interesting graphics. Royal background sounds like the blowing of the trumpet are well in keeping with the theme of the slot machine.

Symbols of the Gladiators Gold slot machine include gladiator helmets, weapons like axes, swords, shields, body shields and symbol of the lion which is suggestive of numerous fights with wild animals in the ancient Roman era.

Gladiators Gold is a 3 reel, 3 pay-line and 3 coin slot machine. There are no wild cards in the Gladiators Gold free slot machine. The maximum numbers of pay-outs in the slot machine are as much as 4000 coins.
It is simple to play Gladiators Gold free slot machine. Just click on the ‘Spin’ button to get the reel rolling. Once the reel stops, the winning amount paid out depends on the symbols displayed on the enabled pay-line.

Rules Of Gladiators Gold Slot Machine

A bit of information on the buttons on your screen will make playing Gladiators Gold online slot machine easy and enjoyable. ’Max Bet’ bets the maximum number of coins allowed and automatically spins the reels. ‘Bet One’ increases the number of coins you want to bet on the slot machine by one in the slot of Gladiators gold. Click on ‘+’ / ‘-‘buttons to increase or decrease the coin size you want to bet.

The pay-out amount of Gladiators Gold virtual slot machine is determined by the combination of symbols that appear on an enabled pay-line. The pay-out figures are the number of coins which are won on each combination. The total winning amount is calculated by multiplying the number of coins won by the number of credits you bet per each pay line of the slot machine. For example, if the total amount you have bet in the slot machine is 1.50 credits and the screen flashes a combination of three 3-bar symbols. Then your total win amount is 75 coins as the 3 three bar combination pays out a total of 50 coins. Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled pay-line of the slot machine. The Gladiators Gold slot machine offers pay out for winning combinations on enabled pay-lines only.

Don’t think… Just register free and start playing Gladiators gold online slot machine now. There is no need to download the slot machine, and you can play it directly on your browser. Travel back in time to the magnificent ancient Rome and become a part of the glorious era with Gladiators Gold virtual slot machine.

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