Global Cup Soccer

Global Cup Soccer: Easy-to-play online slot machine game

Game software

Global Cup Soccer is a free online slot machine game created and marketed by Rival Gaming. Released in 2010, Global Cup Soccer has been a popular online slot machine game that uses a three-reel, one-line interface.

Game theme

As suggested by its name, Global Cup Soccer has soccer and World Cup as its recurring theme. Creators of the slot machine game made use of soccer symbols, such as referee, soccer ball, gold trophy, silver trophy, bronze trophy and double bars, to exude an active soccer-like atmosphere. The slot machine also displays the flags of foremost soccer powers, such as USA, England, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Mechanics and betting options

Global Cup Soccer is an example of classic online slot machine games, thus, it is very easy to learn and play. First, you will need to choose a coin value that ranges from $0.01 to $5. The default size is $0.01 but the slot machine allows you to place coins up to three times. This means the maximum possible bet in Global Cup Soccer slot machines is $15. If you want to use all of your three coins in one spin, simply click “Bet Max.” But if you wish to use fewer coins, Global Cup Soccer slot machine game also allows you to do so. Simply identify the amount you want and click “Spin.”


Global Cup Soccer slot machine game offers no bonuses, but it has two non-progressive jackpots. The second highest pot is worth 1,500 coins, while the highest prize at stake is worth 2,500 coins. You can achieve the maximum jackpot by having three referee icons appear in the slot machine in one spin.
There are 12 winning combinations in a Global Cup Soccer slot machine game. The lowest payout is three coins, and this is given when one soccer ball appears after you’ve placed a value and spin the slot machine. Higher prizes await you if you would pull better slot machine combinations. For example, three double bars will win you 90 coins while three gold trophies will earn you 300 coins.
In Global Cup Soccer slot machine game, your winnings could be multiplied three to five times. You could get three times the standard payout if your spin in the slot machine would result in a special combination of gold, silver and bronze cups. To get a 5x multiplier, you have to be able to get a left-to-right combination of gold, silver and bronze trophies.

Added features

Free online Global Cup Soccer slot machines come with a nice music background and sound effect to enhance your gaming pleasure. Global Cup Soccer slot machine game also has an Auto-play button and demo mode, making it more user-friendly for players. Global Cup Soccer is a free online slot machine game enjoyed by soccer enthusiasts and gamers alike. With its straightforward, easy-to-understand and visually-appealing features, Global Cup Soccer is becoming one of the most popular online slot machines today.

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