Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Online Slot Machines

Revisiting the golden age of slot machines and taking it to the internet is the Golden Dragon slot machines. With no download required and the option to play for free with demo credits or with real money, the Golden Dragon online slot machines are sure to keep you entertained for a long, long time. The Golden Dragon online and download free slot machines can be played on demo credits or for real money, depending on how lucky players are feeling, in the denominations of American dollars, British pounds and Euros.

Golden Dragon Virtual Slot Machines Specs

Made by the Microgaming software platforms, Golden Dragon is a three reel virtual slot machine with five different pay lines. This means that there are up to five different ways to win with every coin that is put in allowing another pay line on the slot machine to be activated. Each pay line for the Golden Dragon online slot machines has an increasing value per win. For example, hitting the highest winning combination of the three golden dragons on the first pay line results in winning 1,000 credits, but getting the same winning combination for the fifth pay line will the slot machine player 5,000 credits. The lowest possible value for each coin for Golden Dragon slot machines is 25 cents with the highest value being 5 dollars/euros/pounds. Following the theme of dragons, the Golden Dragon online slot machine has the symbol of the dragon as its wild symbol. The other symbols on this online slot machine are the shield with two swords and the stable bar symbols that most slot machines carry.

Autoplay Option on Golden Dragon Online Slot Machines

For slot machine lovers who want to play continuously for a set amount of spins, Golden Dragon online slot machines offers the Autoplay feature. Autoplay options are easily made available by clicking the “Expert” button located at the bottom of the slot machine screen. Before going through any of the options available for the Autoplay on Golden Dragon online slot machines, players should decide how many times they want to the slot machine to spin automatically. Typically, players will allow the slot machine to spin automatically ten times so that bets can be adjusted depending on their success. Once players have selected which coin they want to start with, the pay lines that the player wants to enable should be selected after which the Autoplay button can be hit to begin the automatic spinning of the slot machine reels.

Progressive Golden Dragon Virtual Slot Machine

The Golden Dragon virtual slot machine is not a progressive kind of slot machine. However, it does offer the features that progressive slot machines normally have. The Golden Dragon slot machine simulates the features of progressive slot machines because when you get three of the Golden Dragon symbol on the fifth pay line, the winnings are a greater scale than they would be when hitting the same winning combination but on the fourth pay line of the slot machine.

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