Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest Online Slot Machines

Brought to all slot machine addicts worldwide by Net Entertainment is Gonzo’s Quest online slot machine. While many virtual slot machine programmers try their best to make players feel like they’re playing something akin to a video game, Gonzo’s Quest has succeeded with the best of 3D graphics being used all over the slot machine screen.

Fusing Video Games with Online Slot Machines

Gonzo’s Quest virtual slot machine is ideal for people who enjoy their video games but also enjoy the allure of slot machines. Before players start placing their bets and spinning the reels for this slot machine, there is a short introduction which brings to life the main character of the slot machine, Gonzo, who is based on the historical conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro. The characters on Gonzo’s Quest online slot machine are very well done and are animated so that they move in between spinning the slot machine as well as when winning combinations are hit on the slot machine. Gonzo’s Quest virtual slot machine makes the most of 3D flash programming to bring the slot machine players back in time to 1541 where they can immerse themselves in the search for winning combinations just like Gonzalo Pizarro’s quest for gold.

Playing Gonzo’s Quest Virtual Slot Machines

Playing on Gonzo’s Quest online slot machines is a fun and interactive experience. This slot machine is a five reel slot machine with twenty possible pay lines. All of the different logos on this particular slot machine are different ancient symbols which are found all over the artefacts of ancient Mayan culture. Rather than having the reels for this particular slot machine spin, the blocks for each reel, which could actually be called columns, drop down from the top of the screen. It is like the slot machine is imitating what an Ancient Mayan version of a slot machine would have looked like. Up to five coins can be bet per line with the highest bet being one hundred coins if all twenty pay lines are purchased and bet on. Whenever a winning combination is hit, golden coins rain from the top of the slot machine screen and Gonzo becomes animated as he runs around the bottom of the screen trying to catch the golden coins.

Gonzo’s Quest Online Slot Machines Bonuses

One of the great things about Gonzo’s Quest online slot machine is the bonuses for it are very unique. One of the bonuses is even on all of the time such as the activated destruction and free fall mode. What this bonus does is has any blocks which form a winning combination explode on the screen so that blocks on top fall and fill up the spots where the exploding symbols previously were. If there is another winning combination from the filled in blocks, those explode as well and so on and so forth. Each time this happens, the Gonzo’s Quest virtual slot machine’s pay out multiplier increases up to five times. The other bonuses for Gonzo’s Quest online slot machine include an unlockable bonus which helps to take Gonzo closer to the golden city which gets Gonzo dancing on the slot machine screen.

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