High Five

High Five Online Slot Machine

Perhaps one of the most popular online slot machines available for free and with no download required is the High Five online slot machine. With a purple slot machine screen and bright eye catching text, symbols and colours as well as catchy back ground sound effects, High Five not only provides great entertainment but it is also a great introductory virtual slot machine for beginner players. Although it is simple and easy to learn on, the High Five online slot machine is far from boring and is a great way to spend some time honing slot machine betting skills.

About The High Five Virtual Slot Machine

The High Five online slot machine is the most basic kind of slot machine that can be played on. This version of the virtual casino favorite has three reels and one pay line that can be enabled. For this slot machine, each coin value can be changed so that it ranges anywhere in between 25 cents and 10 dollars. The maximum number amount of coins that can be bet for the High Five online slot machine is three coins with a value of 10 dollars amounting to a 30 dollar bet. There are nine different symbols that can form winning combinations for the High Give virtual slot machine. These include the cherry, which also acts as the wild symbol for this slot machine, three difference variations of the classic seven symbol, the three different bar symbols as well as the High Five logo. The highest winning combination on the High Five online slot machine is three of the High Five logos which pay out 15,000 credits on the maximum bet. The lowest is one cherry which wins the player 2 credits.

Playing Free or Real High Five Online Slot Machine

The High Five online slot machines can be played with either real money or for free. For free games on the slot machine, demo credits replace what would be actual money on the real versions. If a player wishes to play with real money on the High Five virtual slot machines, it will be necessary for them to register so that an account may be created and the money can be deposited into the online system of the High Five online slot machines.

A Guide to Playing High Five Online Slot Machine

Because the High Five online slot machine is based on the simple and classic three reels and single pay line slot machine, learning to play on it is easy and takes little to no time. The free version of this slot machine starts the players off with 750 demo credits. Increasing the coin values can be done with the “+” button on the bottom of the slot machine screen. Inversely, decreasing the coin values is done by clicking the “-“ button which is also located on the bottom of the slot machine screen. Each click of the “Bet One” button increases the number of coins being bet while an option to automatically bet the maximum possible bet is possible by clicking the “Bet Max” button. Each loss merits a decrease in the demo credits equitable to the amount that was bet for that spin on the slot machine while each winning combination adds the equivalent amount won in demo credits.

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