Jackpot Express

Jackpot Express Slot Machine

Jackpot Express slot machine is based on a very fascinating theme of a train gallivanting around on a winning spree. It wonderfully blends a conventional slot machine model with a classic steam engine loaded with a jackpot of gold coins. The bright colours and attractive graphics of the slot machine are sure to grab your attention and keep you engrossed for hours.The slot machine is full of catchy background sounds which do a lot to enhance the gaming experience. The symbols included in the slot machine are the ‘Bar’,’7’ and the symbol of the gold truck.

Jackpot express is a three reel, five pay-lines and a five coin slot machine. To begin playing the slot machine all you have to do is click on the ‘spin’ button. This will roll over the reels of the slot machine and display a winning combination on your screen. To select the number of coins you want to bet in the slot machine click on the Pay-out Table. You can also click on the ‘+’/’-‘buttons appearing on your screen to increase or decrease the coin size of your bet. Click on ‘Bet One’ to increase the number of coins you want to bet by one. If the maximum limit of bet coins is reached, clicking on ‘Bet One’ will reset the number of coins selected to one. ’Bet Max’ bets the maximum number of coins allowed and automatically spins over the reels of the slot machine.

The Gold Truck at Jackpot Express Slot Machine

The slot machine also features a wild symbol which is represented by the Gold Truck. The wild symbol of the slot machine acts a substitute for any symbol to complete a winning combination. For example, if a combination including a1-Bar, a 2-Bar and a Gold truck symbol is displayed on an enabled pay-line of the slot machine, the Gold truck which is the wild symbol will act as substitute to complete a 3-Bar combination and pay out four coins. Similarly, a 3- bar symbol with two gold truck symbols completea three 3-Bar combination paying out a total of 60 coins.

Winning at Jackpot Express Slot Machine

The winnings paid out in the slot machine are determined by the combination of symbols displayed on the enabled pay lines once the reels have stopped rolling. The pay-outs of the slot machine are the coins won for each combination. The total amount you win in the slot machine is the number of coins won multiplied by the number of credits bet per pay-line. For example if you have bet 0.50 credits per pay line for three bet lines and a combination with a pay-out of 10 coins is displayed on Pay line 1,then you are paid 0.50 credits * 10 coins, which is equal to 5 credits for that particular pay-line.Similarly, number of coins paid out for the symbols appearing on the remaining two pay-lines will decide the corresponding win amount. The number of coins won is then multiplied by the credits bet for that particular pay-line to compute your total winning amount.

The winnings of the slot machine are paid out only for the highest combination of a pay-line. Also the pay-outs are made for combinations on an enabled pay line only. All winning combinations and corresponding pay outs of the slot machine are made according to the Pay table.

The Jackpot Express slot machine is a great way to make a trip into the magical world of slots and jackpots. It is a light and easy to play slot machine with simple features. There is no need for downloading it and you can play the slot machine directly on your browser using flash. Book a seat on this super exciting Jackpot train and enjoy an enthralling journey. You can win an enormous amount of money and be also assured of an entertaining voyage ahead!

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