Jesters Jackpot

Jackpot Jesters Online Slot Machine

Jackpot Jesters free online slot machine brings to your computer a fun and lively fiesta with the mediaeval court jesters. The slot machine blends perfectly well with the theme of humorous buffoons who performed various antics at the medieval court to entertain the public. A number of colourful and striking symbols feature in the slot machine including the jester’s hat, jester’s bar, the cherry symbol and the bar symbol. The slot machine is extremely eye-catching with bright and vibrant graphics. Jackpot Jesters offer the player an authentic slot machine experience with its asimple and conventional background sounds.

Jackpot Jesters is a three reel, one pay line and three coin slot machine. The maximum amount that can be won in the slot machine is 2,400 coins. Wild symbol is not included in the Jackpot Jester free online slot machine.

How to Play Jackpot Jesters Online Slot Machine

Jackpot Jesters is an uncomplicated and easy to play slot machine. To begin playing the slot machine, all you have to do is place your bet for a certain number of coins and select the coin size of your bet. Next, just click on the ’Spin Button’ to roll over the reels of the slot machine and a combination of symbols will be displayed on your screen which will determine your winning amount as per the Pay table. Certain buttons on the slot machine will help you select your bet amount. Click on the ‘+’/’-‘buttons appearing on your screen to increase or decrease the coin size of your bet. ‘Bet One’ increases the number of coins you want to bet by one. If the maximum limit of bet coins is reached, clicking on ‘Bet One’ will reset the number of coins selected to one. ’Bet Max’ bets the maximum number of coins allowed and automatically spins over the reels of the slot machine.

Pay out rules of Jackpot Jesters Slot Machine

The pay outs of the slot machine are determined by the combination of symbols displayed on the pay line once the reels have stopped rolling. Pay-out figures show the number of coins won for each combination and the value of credits you win in the slot machine depend on the coin size of your bet. For example, if you have bet one coin and the reels display a three cherry symbol combination, then your win amount would be twenty coins as per the pay-out schedule. The same symbol combination with a larger bet will multiply your win amount according to the number of coins bet, i.e. a three cheery symbol combination with two or three coins bet will pay out an amount of forty and sixty coins respectively.

The winnings of the slot machine are paid out only for the highest combination of the pay-line. All winning combinations and corresponding pay outs of the slot machine are made according to the Pay table.

Start Playing Now!

Jackpot Jesters slot machine will surely charm you with its amusing theme of jesters. The comic clowns set against a vibrant backdrop make the slot machine extremely appealing to the players. The slot machine is extremely easy on the eyes and makes for a light and convenient gaming experience. There is no need to download the slot machine; you can directly play it on your browser using flash. All you have to do is click to register free and begin playing the super-cool slot machine. Start playing Jackpot Jesters now and travel back to the medieval court full of rib-tickling jesters.

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