Mister Money

Live the Life of a Millionaire with the Exciting and Luxurious Mister Money Slots Game

Playing the slot machine is not only fun and exciting; the slot machine can also be an opportunity for winning tons of cash. Hitting the biggest jackpot while playing the slot machine can turn the lucky player into an instant millionaire. However, there is also a special kind of slot machine that can make the players feel like a millionaire while they are playing the game – the Mister Money Slots.

The “Wealthy” Slot Machine

Mister Money Slots is a video slot machine that can make the players feel as though they are members of the affluent part of society. The slot machine displays several elements of the luxurious life, such as classy cars, beautiful women, gold jewelry, and sacks of cash. Thus, players who choose to play this slot machine feel like total winners even without winning the jackpot.
The luxurious images or symbols that can be found on this slot machine include the golden bracelet, the gold necklaces, gold watches, the Lear jet, the red Ferrari, the sack of cash, wads of banknotes, the white diamond, the red diamond, the Bimbo, and Mister Money himself. Indeed, every game with this slot machine would be like living the life of luxury.

Playing the Slot Machine

This slot machine has five reels and twenty paylines. The slot machine player can choose to play one payline or to play up to twenty paylines for better chances of winning. The player can choose to bet from $0.01, as with penny slot games, up to $10. Indeed, the higher the amount of the bet, the higher the possibility of getting the jackpot.
This slot machine features a progressive jackpot that is triggered randomly. With the random progressive jackpot, there is no particular combination required; the slot machine awards a jackpot to the player at any part of the game.

Slot Machine Specials and Bonus

Players of this slot machine should watch out for the White Diamond. The white diamond is a wild symbol since it can replace the other symbols except the red diamond. The white diamond is also a multiplier because it can increase the value of the winning arrangement of which it is a part.
Players of this slot machine should also watch out for the Red Diamond. Players have the chance to win free spins or double their winnings by hitting three or more red diamonds. Some of the free spins or multipliers are inside the money bags which appear when the player hits three or more red diamonds.

Mister Money Slots: The slot machine that let’s you experience what it’s like to be a millionaire

Everyone is familiar with the “Mister Money’s” of the world or those people have been fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth. These lucky individuals can be seen sporting several dazzling and shimmering blings and driving the latest and most expensive cars. Everyone also knows that these individuals have access to more money that one could ever imagine.
Now, everyone can experience being “Mister Money” by playing the Mister Money Slots. Furthermore, the players do not even need to go to casinos to play this slot machine as they can now experience the fun and play this fantastic slot machine online for free.

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