Monster Mania

Monster Mania Slot Machine

Get going with the cute fluffy monsters at the Monster Mania slot machine. Enjoy yourself to the extreme by playing the exciting multi line slot machine, monster mania. This is a bright colour slot machine with cuddly monster symbols. It has also got crazy features like funny monster laughs and giggles. The monsters in this slot machine make you laugh your heart out while playing instead of being scary.

Monster mania slot machine acts like the beginners level with having no complex bonus combinations and plethora of pay lines to control. This slot machine can be played online by just registering yourself for free. And the surprising part of this slot is that you play free but you win loads of real money.

Enjoying Monster Mania Slot Machine

Monster mania is a 9 pay line and 5 reel slot machine with bonus combinations, scatter symbols, wild symbols and many others to help you make winning combinations. Another surprising feature in monster mania slot machine is that the maximum amount you can win is 10,000 euro and that too on each line. The best part here is that there are 9 pay lines in all. You can play in the slot machine with coin value ranging from 0.25 to 45.00 for every spin.

In this slot machine you can increase your winning chances with several pay lines as the slot machine can accept 9 coins on each spin. With every coin you put on stake, you can facilitate to other pay line, as you get payouts on the facilitated pay lines only.

Monster Mania Slot Machine Wild Symbol

As the name suggests, the wild symbol in monster mania slot machine gives you a natural advantage. The wild symbol can be substituted with any symbol other than the scatter symbol to make a winning combination. But one thing which is to be kept in mind is that the wild symbol can be used only in the reel number 2, 3 and 4.

Scatter symbol in Monster Mania Slot Machine

The scatter symbol unlike the wild symbol can be used on any of the 5 reels as it does not appear in a particular line or on a facilitated pay line. The scatter symbol in the slot machine can be scattered throughout the 5 reels provided you get 3 or more scatter symbols. You can calculate the amount of scatter winnings in slot machine by multiplying the sum of all credits on stake and the number of scatter symbols. And hence the amount won will be the correspondent value on the pay table displayed on this slot machine.

The maximum amount in a jackpot in monster mania slot machine is 1000 coins and 900 coins is the second jackpot. If there are more than 1 winning combinations on a pay line, you still get paid the highest combination value only. To get accustomed with monster mania slot machine you can start with the auto play option. This option will enable the virtual slot machine to automatically spin the reels a number of times.

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