Moonshine Slot Machine

Moonshine online slot machine revolves around very amusing and comical hillbilly characters moulded in brilliant animations. The slot machine is based on the theme of the popular Moonshine whiskey prepared illegally by rustic folk in America. Moonshine slot machine includes goofy graphics of the granny with a gun, the Sheriff, Rastus, hog etc. Many more in striking symbols of eatables such as pumpkin pie, pan fried beans, fried green tomatoes, and sardines etc. are all featured in the slot machine. The background sounds of the slot machine remind you of simple country music and add to the unpretentious quality of the game.
Moonshine is a five reel, twenty five pay line, and one hundred and twenty five coin slot machine. Multiple pay lines of the slot machine enhance the chances of winning.

How to Play Moonshine Slot Machine?

Click the ‘Spin’ Button to begin playing the slot machine. As soon you do so, reels of the slot machine will roll over to display a combination of symbols on your screen. The amount corresponding to each combination is determined according to the Pay-table. There are certain features in the slot machine which will enable you to play it with ease. Click on the ‘+’/’-‘buttons appearing on your screen to increase or decrease the coin size of your bet. ‘Bet Max’ plays the slot machine on the maximum bet for the number of lines chosen and automatically spins the reels. The ‘Select Coins’ button of the slot machine helps you to increase the number of coins you want to bet per pay line by one and the ‘Select Lines’ button enables you to increase the number of pay lines you want to bet by one.

Grandma and Sheriff of the Slot Machine

The slot machine includes the wild and the scatter symbols. The wild symbol is represented by the Grandma and the scatter by the symbol of the Sheriff. The wild symbol can substitute any other symbols to complete a winning combination except for the scatter and the bonus symbols.
The scatter symbol does not need to appear and can be scattered anywhere on the five reels as long as three or more of them are displayed on the screen.

Moonshine Bonus Symbol

The Bonus game of the slot machine gets activated if three or more moonshine bonus symbols appear anywhere on the five reels. You can win eighteen free spins and four times of your win amount while playing out the bonus game of the slot machine. The bonus game is played out at the same bet amount as the round activating the Moonshine bonus game.

Winning at Moonshine Slot Machine

The pay outs of the slot machine depend on the combination of symbols displayed on the pay line once the reels have stopped rolling. Corresponding pay-outs for each winning combination are determined by the Pay Out schedule.
Winning amounts are paid-out only for the highest combinations per active bet line of the slot machine. The symbols of a winning combination must be next to each other and in a sequence from left to right in order to earn a pay-out. At least one symbol should appear on the first reel to make a winning combination. A combination of symbols appearing only on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels of the slot machine do not earn a pay-out.
Get started with this awesome slot machine now, and get a chance to make oodles of money!

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