Naughty or Nice

Win Big with the Naughty or Nice Christmas-Themed Slot Machine

Feel the thrill of Christmas all-year-long with this holiday-themed slot machine game, Naughty or Nice slot machine. See Santa give you that bemused look as he watches two sexy ladies competing for his attention. And where is Mrs. Claus in all this commotion? She’s out there too, holding a rolling pin and an angry look on her face. Let the naughty reindeer with a pink bra dangling from its antlers catch your fancy while the Christmas baubles and the Naughty or Nice symbols be your ticket for winning a combination later on. In all these, listen to the happy background music. So sink in your comfy computer chair, listen to your guts, and play the slot machine until you hit the $50,000 jackpot!
The Naughty or Nice slot machine game has bonus round and a progressive slot game effect. Most slot machine games have bonus rounds, but how they are activated and what the prizes are differ. Now the Naughty or Nice slot machine is a big game so you would also expect a more rewarding surprise at the end of the bonus round. If you win the bonus round, you get either of these rewards:
• Extra slot machine free spins
• A prize that you can already cash out for 20 times more than your bet
• And the Bonus symbol substitute you choose can also be used in the regular slot machine game
So how do you activate the slot machine bonus round? The bonus round will be automatically activated if you can match three scatter symbols, which is the Naughty or Nice symbol. When that happens, you will then have to choose between Naughty or Nice as your Bonus Substitute. Spin the reel and wait for the computer to pick the right slot machine combination. If your chosen symbol as Bonus Substitute completes the combination, then you win the slot machine bonus round.
Unlike the traditional slot machine game that you may have already gotten used to, the Naughty or Nice slot machine is not monotonous. It is progressive in the sense that the level of difficulty in forming combination increases as the game continues. But to keep you interested in the slot machine game, there’s another jackpot called the progressive jackpot game.
The progressive slot machine bonus round will only be activated if you can hit five nice girls or five bonus substitutes on any payline. The size of the jackpot varies depending on your bet and your level into this slot machine game. But if you need a free tip to increase your chance of getting rich, here’s one for you: make sure to end the game with Nice in order to grab the most wins.
At the end of the winning slot machine game, you will be congratulated by Naughty and Nice dancing. Naughty will have fire on her background while Nice stays sexy and cool with snow. This showcase of graphical talent proves to be a pleasant surprise since a single tune is played all throughout the game. Of course, the slots machine game would not be complete without the festive music that creates a pleasurable experience from beginning to end.
So this is a slot machine game that has taken the Holidays by storm since its release in 2009. The Naughty or Nice slot machine is fun, quirky, and an inspiring way to get into a festive mood all year long.

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