Ocean Treasure

Experience the Excitement of a Deep Sea Adventure and Win a Treasure Chest of Cash with the Ocean Treasure Slot Machine Game

The Disney movie, the Little Mermaid, has sparked a whole lot of incredible ideas about the world in the ocean floor. Indeed, one of today’s most played free online slot machines called the Ocean Treasure is inspired by this fascinating animated family film. In this free online slot machine, you will be tasked to create winning combinations out of symbols that are ocean-inspired. Some of these slot machine icons include the mermaid, compass, deep sea diver, scuba diver, clamshell, octopus, scuba mask, Puffer fish, and skull, boat, octopus and scuba diving fins.
You will need to select your bet before you can start the Ocean Treasure free slot machine. Available coin denominations are $0.01, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25 and $0.5. The minimum slot machine bet is set at $0.15 while the maximum is $37.50 for all 15 lines. If you want to win the biggest in a single spin of the Ocean Treasure slot machine, you need to be playing at $0.5 per line.
Aside from the cool and surprising bonus features offered in the Ocean Treasure slot machine, you also get the amazing chance to win big prizes by hitting the right winning combinations during the slot machine regular rounds. You can win $12,500 for 5 Puffer fish symbols and $2,500 for 4 Puffer fish symbols or 5 Deep Sea Diver symbols without the help of any of the slot machine bonus features. Meanwhile, you can get $1,000 for 5 Mermaid symbols.
If you aren’t so lucky during the regular rounds of the Ocean Treasure free slot machine, then maybe the three bonus features can help. The first bonus feature of this slot machine is the wild symbol, which is the Puffer Fish. You can use the Puffer fish to replace any other symbols on the slot machine reels in order to form a winning combination. But what’s great about the wild symbol in this Ocean Treasure free slot machine is that the wild symbol also serves as a prize multiplier. This means that the value of your winning combinations is automatically doubled!
To activate the two other bonus features in the Ocean Treasure slot machine, you will need the help of the scatter symbols – the Compass and the Clamshell. Three or more Compass symbols in a single spin of this slot machine will award you with 10 free spins. In addition, these free spins can be re-triggered at any time during the slot machine game as long as the right combinations are hit.
And the third bonus feature of the Ocean Treasure slot machine can be activated by three or more Clamshell symbols. Otherwise dubbed as the Pearls Bonus Game, it is in this slot machine round that you will be given 9 pearls to choose from in order to get instant prizes. But the number of pearl choices that you can make depends on the number of Clamshell symbols it took you to activate this free slot machine round. As such, three Clamshell symbols will give you 3 pearl choices; 4 Clamshell symbols will give you 4 pearl choices while 5 Clamshell symbols will grant you with 5 pearl choices.
If you dream of finding incredible treasures while lying back comfortably on your seat, then let go of that treasure map and turn on your computer for the Ocean Treasure free slot machine. Slot machines are definitely a fun way to win big without breaking a sweat.

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