Oriental Fortune

Oriental Fortune Slot Machine

Oriental Fortune free online slot machine takes you to a trip to the mystical world of the Orient. The slot machine is based on the very fascinating theme of oriental culture. As the name suggests the slot machine can give you a chance to amass a fortune equivalent to the glorious richness of the ancient orient. The symbols of the slot machine such as fierce dragons, the majestic lion, and the dainty geisha are very characteristic of the oriental theme. Other symbols of the slot machine include the landscape, king, queens, jacks and tens. The soothing oriental background music is like the cherry on the top, and gives this slot machine an authentic oriental character.
Oriental Fortune is a five reel, five pay line and a five coin slot machine. The multiple pay lines of the slot machine help increase the chances of winning. The maximum pay-out of the slot machine is five thousand coins.

How to Play Oriental Fortune Slot Machine?

To begin playing the slot machine click on the ‘Spin’ and the reels will roll over to display a combination of symbols on your screen. The win amount for each combination is determined according to the Pay-table. Certain features of the slot machine will help you set your bet amount and coin size of the bet. Click on the ‘+’/’-‘buttons appearing on your screen to increase or decrease the coin size of your bet. ’Bet Max’ bets the maximum number of coins allowed and automatically spins over the reels of the slot machine. The ‘Select Lines’ button enables you to increase the number of pay lines you want to bet by one.

Wild Symbol of the Slot Machine

The symbol of the Geisha represents the wild symbol of the slot machine. The wild symbol can substitute any other symbols to complete a winning combination. A wild symbol winning combination pays out the total number of coins you win multiplied by the credits bet per pay line. For example, a Geisha symbol completing a winning combination with a pay-out of 3 coins will win you 6 coins per bet line, if you have selected a two credit coin per bet line.

Winning at the Slot Machine

The pay outs of the slot machine are determined by the combination of symbols displayed on the pay line once the reels have stopped rolling. Pay-out figures of the slot machine show the number of coins won .The total amount you win is the number of coins won multiplied by the number of credits bet per pay-line. For example, if you have bet 0.50 credits per pay line and a particular pay line displays a combination that pays out 10 coins, then your total win amount will be 10 coins multiplied by 0.50 credits, i.e. 5 credits.
The symbols of a winning combination must be next to each other and in a sequence from left to right in order to earn a pay-out. At least one symbol should appear on the first or fifth reel to make a winning combination. A combination of symbols appearing only on the second, third and fourth reels of the slot machine do not earn a pay-out. The winnings of the slot machine are paid out only for the highest combination of the pay-line.
Lose yourself in this mysterious oriental maze and get a chance to win lots of money. Register free and start playing the slot machine now!

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