Pandamonium Online Slot machine

Pandamonium is a three reels slot machine that is absolute fun. This is an energetic slot machine that is played with three reels, one pay line and a single coin. Pandamonium is also loaded with several exciting features and bonuses. Pandamonium combines a rock theme along with a panda theme making it exciting and colourful. The main idea behind this slot machine is to arrive at specific pictorial combinations for specific payouts. For instance if you arrive at all guitars you would receive twice your bet while if you spin all orange you can win four times the bet amount and so on. The beauty of pandemonium has to be seen to be believed. The themes have been picturized in a lively manner with colourful images on every reel that include pandas, guitars fruits and more. You have the opportunity of winning 2000 coins as well as bonuses in Pandamonium online slot machine.

Pandamonium – The Virtual Slot Machine

Pandamonium has been loaded with various exciting features. The most important thing to remember here is that you can bet only one coin at a time. The wins will be paid out based on the highest combination on the pay line. The payouts will be in credits. The basic idea is to hit the spin button and watch the reels move. Based on what they land on you can win up to 2000 times your original bet amount!!

In case three pandas appear you win 2000 times your bet amount. If three underpants appear you win 250 times your bet amount; 50 times your bet amount can be won if 3 purple guitars appear etc. This online slot machine throws open an ocean of opportunities for winning.

Interesting Features of the Ultimate Slot Machine

Pandamonium has two interesting added features that are the nudge and hold feature. The nudge feature helps you to bump a reel so that you can see the next symbol. Making use of the hold feature helps you to hold on to the next spin.

Next you have the Head Banger feature that assures you of a random win on the wheels. There are some stop and win features in this slot machine like Smells like Teen Panda, Maximum Overdrive etc. Apart from these there is the random feature called Repeater that enables you to win the multiplier value once again.

A host of other features awaits you in this exciting online slot machine like a pick-a-win feature, reel based features and finally the Eye of the Panda is an assured jackpot win feature. Here you get to win a x2000 multiplier value on the initial bet amount.

Excitement awaits you throughout your journey in the Pandamonium. Just spin the reel and make use of your skill and luck to reach the Pandemonium reel bonus. So keep your eyes open when you are on this online slot machine so that you can win as many bonuses and prizes as possible. And most important of all you are going to have a lot of fun at Pandamonium.

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