Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box Online Slot Machine

Pandora’s Box is an interesting 5-reel, 20 pay line online slot machine. This implies that the winning combination has to be formed out of the five spinning reels. Every coin that is put in enables you to another pay line. Once the reels stop the combinations of symbols are checked by the computer by going through every enable pay line.
Pandora’s Box is a lively slot machine that is laid out in ancient Greece. So the graphics that you see are based on ancient Greek culture. It is a well known fact that the story of Pandora’s Box has its inception in Greece. Therefore the symbols used in this slot machine bring out the spirit of Greece in an effective manner.

Pandora’s Box – The Ultimate Virtual Slot Machine

When you enter Pandora’s Box you will be introduced to two very important gods of ancient Greek mythology-Aphrodite, the goddess of love and Zeus the God thunder and sky. Aphrodite represents the scatter symbol that would give you free spins while Zeus brings in the thunderbolts in 2 wilds.
Each slot machine permits you to select from different coin values. You can play Pandora’s Box the virtual online slot machine for 0.01 to 1.00 for each line bet and wager upto a maximum of 4 coins for every pay line. The minimum bet that can be placed is one coin on one payline and the maximum is 4 coins on all the 20 lines making to a total of 80. You can receive a maximum of 10,000 coins per bet line as the payout.

Interesting Features Of Pandora’s Box Slot Machine

The Zeus symbol is a very interesting symbol in Pandora’s Box online slot machine. This is a wild multiplier symbol that means that Zeus symbols will replace other symbols to complete winning combinations and will also multiply the payout. If the symbol is able to successfully complete any winning combination, it increases the payout two fold. However it must be noted that the Zeus symbol does not replace the Pandora’s Box scatter symbol to complete any winning scatter combinations or to activate the Free Spins Bonus Round.
Apart from the Zeus you will come across the golden Zeus symbol that is a wild multiplier symbol. This symbol multiplies the payout four times unlike the Zeus symbol that doubles it. The Pandora’s Box symbol is a scatter symbol that does not necessarily need to appear in a line on an enabled payline to win. Three or more Pandora’s Box scatter symbols found anywhere on the five reels starts the Free Spin Bonus Round.

In The Free Spins Bonus Ground you stand to win 10,20 or 30 Free Spins based on the number of the Pandora’s Box Symbols found in the reels (3,4 or 5).
Play this exciting slot machine based on ancient Greek legends and enjoy the exhilarating experience of antique Greece. The myth of Pandora has been beautifully captured in this superb slot machine in a very discreet manner.

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