Pirates Paradise

Pirate’s Paradise Slot Machine

Pirate’s Paradise is a 3 reels 1 pay line slot machine that is loaded with action packed adventures of the tough Pirates. This slot machine will take you to treasures unimaginable and keep you busy for long hours.

All about Pirate’s Paradise Virtual Slot Machine

The bright and colourful parrots are the main protagonists in this slot machine as their charming and cool exteriors will slowly take the players into the hidden treasure house that lies somewhere in the picturesque landscape. With the chance of winning a bonanza of 2500 coins there can be no surprise that they are basking in the sun and enjoying all the precious stones that they have already discovered.
This is an exciting slot machine that has been designed in a simple way but has still been loaded with some unbelievable sound effects. The graphics used in this slot machine is of superior quality that transports all players into a pirate’s paradise which has been captured in a realistic manner with an exotic beach with the gleaming rays of the sun, the glittering blue waters of the ocean, the cool breeze of the palm trees, the sea gulls flying past you and the sound of the ocean rings into your ears. As you start moving into the slot machine, you get to hear the sounds of broken ship floor boards and the whistling of the pirates whenever a win has been achieved.

Play the Jackpot at Pirate’s Paradise Incredible Slot Machine

Pirate’s Paradise online slot machine is filled with golden cash prizes-with a big 10 winning reel combinations on offer, these pirates must be having more than treasures to part with. Spin for a swerve of fun and exciting pirate symbols like Sea Shells, Palm Trees, Skull and Cross Bone Flags and jewel filled treasure chests-just a single sea shell can award you a bounty of 6 coins.
The grand jackpot in this slot machine comes in the form of 3 Treasure Chest symbols appearing across the reel simultaneously. The jackpot Treasure Chest combination is by far the best combination in this slot machine. The second place is taken by the 3XPirate Flags. The Pirates Paradise Slots also provide you with a bonus option to match any 3 icon combination of the 2 symbols with a maximum payout of 120 coins. This fun filled bonus feature increases the prospects of hitting the winning combinations because 2 symbols will necessarily be the same and will act as wild icons when they are matched together.
If you are an adventure seeker and want to venture out in the high seas, then Pirate’s Paradise slot machine should be your ultimate choice. So, what are you waiting for? Just bask in the paradise heat and set sail aboard on the Pirate’s Paradise to embark on that exciting journey in search of those undiscovered treasures. Pirate’s Paradise online slot machine gives you the experience of a truly exciting and adventurous treasure hunt. Get ready for some tropical fun on the seas!

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