Reel of Fortune

Get Lucky in the Reel of Fortune Slot Machine and Win Amazing Prizes

Not all people are lucky when it comes to lotteries. So the creators of the Reel of Fortune slot machine thought about giving those not-so-lucky a good chance by offering a lottery-themed free slot machine that has two bonus features for an easier win. The Reel of Fortune slot machine is a 5-reel and 20-payline game that has the symbols washer, boat, TV, car, RV motorhome, golf clubs, motorcycle, barbeque grill, mixer and refrigerator as well as plunko and curtain. The last two icons are the Scatter in this online slot machine.

What are the scatter symbols in the Reel of Fortune free slot machine?

Speaking of scatter symbols, the Reel of Fortune slot machine has two and these are to apparently make up for the lack of wild symbol in this online game. But the good thing about two scatter symbols is that any of them can unlock additional slot machine bonus rounds and at the same time, act as bet multipliers.

The first scatter symbol in the Reel of Fortune slot machine is the Plunko. If you get 3, 4 or 5 Plunko symbols, you will also be rewarded with a slot machine bet multiplier of x1, x5 and x50 accordingly. Other than that, 3 or more Plunko symbols unlock the Donkey Bonus Game. During the Donkey Bonus Game of this online slot machine, you will be presented with three curtains to choose from. But you have to be careful in choosing because two out of the three curtains hide a donkey. If you choose any of the curtains with the donkey, the slot machine bonus game ends and you will win nothing.

Meanwhile, the second scatter symbol in the Reel of Fortune online slot machine is the Plunko. Like the earlier scatter symbol, it also acts as a bet multiplier if you hit three or more in one spin of the slot machine. But the slot machine bonus game that gets activated with three or more Plunko symbols is different. You will basically need to position your Plunko puck on any of the seven given places. Once in place, you will have to release the puck and manipulate where it rests. Just make sure to hit the places with the highest prizes in order to win the most in this online slot machine bonus round.

What if none of the slot machine bonus features get activated?

Because like many online slot machines, the Reel of Fortune slot machine bonus rounds only work if the requirements are fulfilled, you may not always get lucky enough to enter such rounds. So what you can do is try all your luck during the regular rounds of this slot machine. You can still win any of the top three jackpot prizes if you get the following winning combinations:

• 5 RV Motorhome symbols will give you $3,750
• 5 Car symbols will give you $2,500
• 5 Boat symbols will give you $2,000

Note, however, that you have to be playing this online slot machine with the maximum bet of $0.25 or $50 per spin. The value of your slot machine winnings will not be the same if you play with the other coin sizes of $0.01, $0.05 and $0.1.

Have fun playing and grab the chance to win amazing payouts!

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