Reels Royce

Reels Royce Slot Machine

Reels Royce is a 3 reel, 3 pay-line slot machine with multiple pay –lines that offer more chances to win exciting prizes. This slot machine is perfect for beginners as it is user friendly and very easy to understand. Reels Royce online slot machine takes up three coins per spin. You can win a maximum payout of 4000 coins in this exciting slot machine.

This is a simple slot machine with multiple pay-lines, a great option for novice players. The graphics that has been used in Reels Royce online slot machine represents a judicious mix of conventional school elegance along with modern style. This online slot machine has been designed in a way that keeps players intrigued and enthusiastic with action that keeps going on and on.

Features of Reels Royce Online Slot Machine

The theme in Reels Royce Slot Machine is obviously based on the Rolls Royce luxury car. But most of the symbols used in this slot machine bear resemblance to common classic ones like black bars, single bars, double bars and triple bars. Players can try to complete a combination of any of these bars to clinch some of the smaller payouts.

The minimum value for Reels Royce Slot Machine is 0.25 while the maximum is 5.00. You can bet 1-3 coins on a spin that is equal to 1-3 lines on a spin. Totally there are nine winning combinations and five different symbols in Reels Royce online slot machine. Wild symbol is not used here. There are no free spins or bonus round play either in Reels Royce slot machine. However it offers basic machine slot experience along with the opportunity for a lucrative return.

Symbols of Reels Royce – The Virtual Slot Machine

The crucial symbol for Reels Royce Slot machine can be easily located atop the pay table, above the standard bars and sevens that are found on the reels. This is the “R” Seven symbol. The Reels Royce Logo can give you handsome returns when three are spun on an active pay-line. If you have three logos in line 1 you will be rewarded 1000 coins. The amount gets doubled to 2000 with the same combination on line 2. The same reward takes a huge leap to an incredible 4000 coins when three Rolls Royce logos line up on the third enable pay-line.
The Reels Royce slot machine is surely a fun option if you are comfortable with casual slot machine experience. Right from the spin off title for the Rolls Royce Motor car, all the features in this slot machine are different and simple to handle making the entire experience a fun-filled one.

A calm sense of excitement accompanies you throughout your entire journey in the Reels Royce Online Slot Machine. Just spin the reel and make use of your skill and luck to win the bonus. Keep your eyes open when you are on this online slot machine so that you can win as many bonuses and prizes as possible. And most important of all you are going to have big time fun in Reels Royce- the virtual slot machine.

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