Relic Raiders

Relic Raiders Online Slot Machine

For those who feel that playing on online slot machines that have less than twenty pay out lines isn’t very exciting, then Relic Raiders is sure to deliver. The Relic Raiders virtual slot machine is one of the newest releases of the Net Entertainment online slot machine designers. Featuring an adventure theme which is similar to the themes made popular by Indiana Jones and Lara Croft the Tomb Raider, the Relic raiders online slot machines will definitely be keeping the most avid of slot machine fanatics entertained for a long time.

Particulars of Relic Raiders Virtual Slot Machines

The Relic Raiders online slot machine is a five reel virtual version of the all time casino favorite. There are four rows and a whopping fifty possible pay out lines to make each spin on the slot machines a thrilling one. There are four different bet levels, the maximum bet being forty, and different coin values which may enable players to win a staggering 200,000 coins with just one spin. Relic Raiders slot machines features scatter symbols. Hitting three scatters not only awards the players with several free spins on the slot machines, it may even win the players a generous amount of money or demo credits depending on which version of the slot machine is being played.

Look and Feel of Relic Raiders Online Slot Machines

The look and feel of this online slot machine is, as mentioned earlier, similar to Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, with the fonts used on the slot machine screen akin to the aforementioned movies. The slot machine screen is a deep green and looks as if it is a wall from a broken down relic covered with moss just like those found in Tomb Raider. Even the symbols used in the game are those of treasures and similarly themed logos. The back ground music of the online slot machine, which can be switched on and off, are engaging and there are different sound effects attributed to the different aspects of the slot machine.

Bonus Features of Relic Raiders Virtual Slot Machines

The thing that many people like about Relic Raiders is the bonus features that are offered by this version of virtual slot machines. One of the bonus features is the winning of free spins when three or more of the “Chest” scatter symbols are hit on the reels. The amount of free spins won depends on which of the treasure chests the player decides to pick. Should two or more of the scatter symbol be hit on the slot machine during the free spins, there are more chances to win free spins or even multipliers to the slot machine. Another well liked bonus feature of the Relic Raiders slot machines is the treasure hunt from Guatemala to Cambodia which is multileveled. This bonus feature is triggered when three or more of the bonus symbols are hit on an active pay line. Upon hitting this combination, a map will pop up on the slot machine screen to begin the bonus feature. Each location in the treasure hunt has urns which need to be smashed to reveal the bonus prizes.

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