3 Tips to Win Big in the Ronin Slot Machine

The Ronin free online slot machine was adapted from the story of the samurai warriors whose masters died. Unlike other samurai warriors who would choose to kill themselves to prove their loyalty to their masters, these samurai warriors chose to travel and roam the countryside of Japan over six centuries ago. While others chose to work as mercenaries and bodyguards for rich families, others mysteriously disappeared. But today, the Ronins are back in online casinos, and they bring bags of coins to lucky slots players!
The Ronin slot machine game can be very rewarding if you know how to play it well. Here are three things players of free online slot machine game should keep in mind:

1. Get to know the basics.

The Ronin slot machine has different symbols depicting the life of a samurai warrior. There are the Ronin, Koku, Temple, Flag and Helmet. Apart from these, the standard card symbols are still present; and these are the letters J, K, Q and A and the numbers 9 and 10.
The minimum coin denomination in this free slot machine is $0.03 while the maximum bet is set at $50. If you bet at minimum and want to cover all 20 lines, you will be spending about $0.60 per spin but if you are one of those slot machine players and would like to win fast by playing at max, you will be spending $1,000 in a single spin.
During the regular slot machine games, there are three top prizes that you can win. The first prize is for 10,000 coins and that’s for hitting four Ronin symbols plus one Koku symbol in a spin. The second highest prize is for 5,000 coins for five Ronin symbols and the third top jackpot is for 2,500 coins and that’s going to be for four Temple symbols with one Koku symbol.

2. Always look out for the slot machine scatter and wild symbols.

In this free slot machine, both the Ronin and the Koku act as wild symbols. As wild symbols, they can be used to replace any other symbols in the reels, except each other, in order to come up with winning combinations. The value of any prize you get from the slot machine winning combinations formed with the help of the Koku symbol is automatically doubled.
Meanwhile, the Ronin symbol in this slot machine also acts as a scatter symbol and a multiplier. With this slot machine symbol your bet gets multiplied by 1, 20, 30 or 500. And if you get bigger bets, the value of your prizes will also increase as the bets influence the total jackpot prize.

3. Know the bonus features of the slot machine game you are playing.

The Ronin slot machine has three bonus rounds and a random progressive jackpot. The three slot machine bonus rounds are composed of free spins. In the first bonus round the Koku symbol will appear and stay in the third reels. Meanwhile, the other four reels will continue spinning for 3-10 times.
Further, the second bonus feature awards you with five free spins while the third slot machine bonus feature gives you 25 free spins. You can continue playing for free spins because of the re-trigger feature offered in the bonus round. The first three slot machine bonus rounds will be activated if you hit the Koku symbol on reel 3 and you get two more Ronin symbols from any other reels.
Lastly, the random progressive jackpot feature promises that you still walk away with huge winnings even if you don’t hit the required combinations for the top three slot machine jackpot prizes.
Now that you know how the free slot machine game works, it’s time for you to try your luck. Good luck!

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