Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer Virtual Slot Machine

If you like romance, flowers, the idea of a little angel with a bow and arrow flying around called Cupid, and the thrill of playing on the casino favorite of slot machines, then you’re probably going to absolutely love the Secret Admirer online slot machines. Indulge in a romantic theme with visual and audio aspects for your heart and the addictive idea of hitting the jackpot for the thrill seeking side of your soul with this virtual and no download required version of slot machines.

Secret Admirer Online Slot Machine Specifications

On the Secret Admirer virtual slot machines, romantics and slot machine addicts can indulge in a five reel slot machine with nine pay lines. The maximum number of coins that can be bet for the Secret Admirer virtual slot machines is ten with values ranging in between one cent and one full Dollar, Pound or Euro. Given these facts, the maximum bet per spin is ninety. The Secret Admirer slot machine is not a progressive slot machine which makes it an easier slot machine to play on. The jackpot of this slot machine is 5,000 coins for the winning combination of five masks. The second highest paying jackpot for the Secret Admirer slot machines is 2,500 coins for five secret admirer hears or five pendants. The third amount for the jackpot is 2,000 coins from the winning combination of four masks.

Symbols on Secret Admirer Online Slot Machine

There are fifteen different symbols used in the Secret Admirer virtual slot machine. These are the Pendant, Rose, Heart Wreath, Secret Admirer Heart, Mask, Atomizer, Diamond Ring, Single Red Rose, the numbers seven through ten and the Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The wild symbol on this slot machine, which can substitute for any of the symbols to form a winning combination except for the scatter symbol, is the mask. The diamond ring is the scatter symbol for this online slot machine. Hitting two to five of this symbol can multiply the total bets by two, six, twenty or fifty times.

Secret Admirer Virtual Slot Machine Extra Features

There are a few bonus features for this online slot machine which keep players hooked. The first of the bonus features for the Secret Admirer slot machine is the free spins feature. Players need to get two or more diamond rings starting from the first reel to activate the free spins feature of the slot machine. Three spins are awarded for the winning combinations of the scatter symbols. Hitting all five of the scatter symbols will earn the player up to 13,500 if players are using the maximum bet on the slot machine for free spins. The second extra feature on the Secret Admirer slot machine is the gamble feature. This extra feature also allows the players of the slot machine to double their winnings. This feature is activated after hitting any winning spin. If a winning combination is hit on the slot machine, the players have the option to push the Gamble button and start the bonus features or to push the Collect button to continue playing on the regular slot machines.

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