Skull Duggery

Skull Duggery Slot Machine

It is no secret that pirates love their gold and buried treasure. Knowing this, it’s only fitting that there is a version of the virtual casino favourite slot machines. Playing the Skull Duggery online slot machine truly is just like stepping onto a pirate ship with its interactive graphics and sound effects. For example, after the slot machine screen loads, players are immediately greeted with a short flash video of a thief sneaking onto the pirate ship to steal the pirates’ treasure from them. To find out the conclusion of the short story, clock in some time on the Skull Duggery online slot machines.

About Skull Duggery Online Slot Machines

The Skull Duggery online slot machine is a five reel version of slot machines. This slot machine has a total of nine pay lines which makes it ideal for players with a low gambling budget that still want to play on a slot machine with more than three pay lines. For the Skull Duggery online slot machine, the maximum number of coins that can be bet is an outstanding forty five coins. As if playing regular slot machines wasn’t fun enough, the makers of Skull Duggery virtual slot machines added the allure of beautiful graphics and sounds to make the experience of playing this slot machine even more enjoyable. The sound effects of the Skull Duggery slot machine truly help players believe that they are on a creaky pirate ship.

Skull Duggery Virtual Slot Machines Symbols

There are a lot of additional details that make the Skull Duggery slot machine a very interesting and unpredictable slot machine to play. For example, the role of the wild symbol in this slot machine has its limitations. The Skull Duggery symbol acts as the wild symbol for this online slot machine and it is also a multiplier symbol. However, in this slot machine, the wild symbol only acts as a wild symbol for the food symbols of the slot machine which are the Beer, Orange, Grapes, Banana and Coconut. This means that it will only help form winning combinations for food symbols and will just be a regular symbol when in combination with the Scatter Skull, the Dagger or the Captain. It also does not replace the Thief symbol which can enable the bonus feature. The Skull Duggery slot machine also has a scatter symbol which is the Scatter Skull symbol. This symbol can be scattered anywhere on the slot machine’s pay lines given that there are two or more of the symbol being displayed on the slot machine screen.

Booty Bonus Feature on Skull Duggery Online Slot Machine

To add to fun of playing Skull Duggery slot machines, there is a bonus feature that can be activated when three or more of the scatter symbol shows up on the slot machine screen. This bonus feature allows the player to select a pirate amongst a few pirates and see which one of them will award the player with the highest bonus win amount on the slot machine.

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