Free Virtual Slot Machines – Super Sevens Slots

Slot machines have been around for over 100 years and are wildly popular in casinos. While the slots were illegal in the early decades of the 20th century, they made a roaring comeback mid-century. Bugsy Siegel put mechanical slots in the Flamingo Hilton on the street that is now the Las Vegas Strip mostly to amuse the wives and girlfriends of card players.
Slots, including today’s free slots that you can play online, have themes: fruits, card suits and animals are all popular though some consider the old style fruit slots to be boring and old fashioned. In 2000, Las Vegas gaming policies dictated that slot machines could not be based on themes that were appealing to children.
Bally came up with electronic slots in the 1960s to replace the clunky mechanical models that had dominated until that time. Electronic slots were harder to cheat, as well. Slots now account for at least 75% of casino revenues. Online slots continue to grow in popularity, particularly on sites where you can play free slots.
Super Sevens slots is a video slot machine with five reels and five lines. This machine features pictures of grapes, oranges, bells, cherries, and 7’s. Before playing Super Sevens free slots, you have to decide if you want your coins to be worth 0.50 or 0.20.
Choose the one of the five lines you want to play by clicking the white arrows to the left of the game display. Clicking an arrow again toggles a line to off and deselects it.
You can select all five lines on Super Sevens slots by clicking the 5 LINES button. Once you’ve selected the lines you want to play, click on the BET button to increase the amount bet on each line.
The total bet in Super Sevens slots is the line bet multiplied by the number of lines played. It cannot exceed 20 coins. If you want to automatically bet the maximum, click on the MAX BET button. When you click the MAX BET button, the reels will spin automatically.
The pay table for Super Sevens slots is above the machine and is quite simple. Sevens are the most valuable combination.
3 cherries wins 2x;  4 cherries wins 5x;  5 cherries wins 20x
3 oranges wins 5x;  4 oranges wins 10x;  5 oranges wins 50x
3 grapes wins 10x;  4 grapes wins 25x;  5 grapes wins 100x
3 bells wins 15x;  4 bells wins 50x;  5 bells wins 200x
3 sevens wins 25x;  4 sevens wins 100x;  5 sevens wins 2000x
The pay tables are the same whether you have chosen the 0.20 or the 0.50 Super Sevens slots game. In Super Sevens slots you can win on any bet line from left to right or from right to left.