Spectacular Slot Machines

If you like slot machines, then you probably like casinos. If you like casinos, then you probably like Las Vegas. In you like Las Vegas, then you most definitely like show girls. Now, if you like all of the above, then chances are that you will love the Spectacular online slot machines. With no download required and the option to play both for free and for real money, the Spectacular online, virtual slot machine is a great way to spend some time on the internet. In addition to paying homage to the classic slot machines found in the casinos, the Spectacular slot machines’ bright and interactive slot machine screen is only an additional bonus to the fun that the slot machine promises to bring.

Spectacular Online Slot Machine Basics

Keeping in line with the most classic and the best of the basic slot machines, Spectacular virtual slot machine has the basic set up of three reels with a single pay line playable. This virtual slot machine makes use of six different symbols to form various winning combinations. The symbols include the Spectacular logo, which acts as the wild symbol as well for the Spectacular online slot machine, the seven symbol, the three different bar symbols and the last is the admit one ticket symbol. In total, there are ten variations that can be hit to make a winning combination while playing on the Spectacular online slot machine.

Betting and Pay Outs for Spectacular Online Slot Machine

For this particular version of an online slot machine, the maximum coins that can be bet are two. The values for the coins can be changed with the lowest value per coin being 0.25 and the highest value being 1.00. Of course, with any slot machine, the ultimate goal is to win the jackpot. On the Spectacular slot machine, the jackpot, which is won through playing on the maximum bet, is a remarkable 5,000 coins. The smallest amount of coins or credits that can be won on the Spectacular online slot machine is 2 credits for a single admit one ticket symbol.

Playing Spectacular Virtual Slot Machine

Learning how to play the Spectacular online slot machine is rather simple and easy to understand. Part of what makes the Spectacular online slot machine so addicting is its simplicity. When playing this version of virtual slot machines, players are started off with 750 demo credits, if playing the free version, or however much money you deposit in your online account if the real version is being played. The amount of credits that the player still has can be viewed on the bottom left hand corner of the slot machine screen. The plus and minus buttons, found on the bottom of the slot machine screen, is responsible for switching the coin values while the ‘Bet One’ button changes the amount of coins being bet. The “Bet Max” button automatically plays the maximum possible bet of the Spectacular online slot machine and also automatically spins the reels for the players.

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