Spellcast Slot Machines

If the name hasn’t given it away just yet, the Spellcast online and no download slot machines brings together the best of the slot machines experience and the engaging nature of the magical ambience that its wizard theme brings. What better way to spend free time than to dive into a world of magic that promises not only addictive fun but the possibility of big winnings. The best part is, you can even play the Spellcast slot machines for free if you want to try it out before betting some real money on the slot machine.

Specifications of Spellcast Online Slot Machines

The Spellcast online slot machine is a five reel slot machine with a total of twenty pay lines. As with any other slot machine, the coin values for the Spellcast slot machine can be adjusted. Each pay line on the slot machine has maximum bet of four coins, the minimum bet per pay line would be one coin. As such, if the player opts to activate all twenty pay lines, the minimum bet would be twenty coins of the player’s chosen value while the maximum bet would be a total of eighty coins.

Spellcast Virtual Slot Machine Symbols

There are several symbols used in the Spellcast online slot machine to form different winning combinations. Some examples of the symbols are the ‘A’, ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’ symbols as well as the Castle and Spell Book symbols. For the Spellcast slot machines, the wild symbol, a symbol which is able to act as a replacement to form a winning combination, is the Wizard symbol. Forming a winning combination with the Wizard symbol on this slot machine, will typically double the earnings on the pay lines. The Spellcast slot machine also has a scatter symbol which multiplies the earnings by the summation of complete bet amount. The scatter symbol in this slot machine is the Crystal Globe symbol. If, at any point in time, there are three or more scatter symbols on the slot machine screen, no matter which reel or pay line, the player will win a bonus of fifteen free spins.
The winning symbols and combinations are displayed on the pay table box of the slot machine screen which is easily found on the left, bottom corner of the slot machine screen.

Playing Spellcast Online Slot Machine

Before every spin on the Spellcast slot machine, the player needs to determine how much he or she is willing to bet and how many pay lines he or she wants activated on the spins. To do this, start by clicking on “Bet Level” in order to select the amount of coins that will be bet per pay line activated. Each click on “Bet Level” increases the amount of coins being bet. To select the amount of pay lines activated for the slot machine, click on “Bet Lines”. Just as with the “Bet Level,” each click adds another activated pay line. The coin values for the slot machine can be adjusted by clicking on “Coin value”. Once the betting amount has been set, all that’s left is to hit the spin button and hope for a winning combination on the Spellcast online slot machine.

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