Stallionaire Slot Machine

Racing horses is a lot like playing the slot machines in a sense. It would only make sense to fashion a slot machine after the horse races. This is probably why the Stallionaire online slot machine was created. The Stallionaire online slot machine is one of the newest fruit slot machines which is based on the horse racing theme as can be seen by the various horse shoe designs on the face of the slot machine screen. With various interactive features and beautiful graphics designed to keep its players entertained, the Stallionaire online slot machines are sure to keep slot machine lovers online for hours on end.

Specifications of Stallionaire Online Slot Machine

The Stallionare online slot machine is a three reel slot machine with one pay out line available to be played. In total, there are ten winning combinations that can be formed by the symbols on the slot machines. A maximum of two coins can be bet on this slot machine. The coins can take different denominations. The denominations of the coins can be switched from S0.10 up to $10.00. As players progress through playing on the slot machine, different items such as wedges, nudges and holds can be won or lost. The Stallionaire slot machine is not a progressive slot machine. The jackpot on the Stallionaire slot machine is five hundred coins which amount to $5,000.

Stallionaire Virtual Slot Machine Symbols

There are various symbols used on the Stallionaire slot machines. Examples of these symbols are the Limousine, Cigar, Paddle, Riding Gear, Carrots, Lucky Horseshoes and the classic Seven and Bar symbols. In addition to this, there are also other bonus features which can be activated on the slot machine by different symbols. For example, there are three symbols (the gold, bronze and silver lucky horseshoes) can activate bonus features like multipliers which can double or even quadruple the winnings of the players. However, there is no wild symbol for this slot machine nor is there a scatter symbol or multiplier symbol. As such, there are no free spins available on the Stallionaire online slot machine.

Playing for Free vs. Playing for Real on Stallionaire Online Slot Machine

One of the favorite aspects of the players for Stallionaire online slot machines is that not only can it be played for real money and winnings but it can also be played for free. Playing the Stallionaire slot machine for free allows people who love slot machines to enjoy the thrill and pleasure of winning at the slots whilst not having to risk any money, especially when they don’t have the budget to play the slot machines in the first place. For the Stallionaire slot machine, playing for free starts the players off with seven hundred and fifty demo credits which are then treated like real currency. What people like even more about the free demo plays on Stallionaire online slot machine is that none of the bonus features are disabled even if the players aren’t playing with real money.

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