Play with the Dinosaurs and Win Gigantic Surprises with the T-Rex Slot Machine Game

If you’re a seasoned slot machine destroyer who win big jackpots in just a few pulls of the lever, you are perhaps the type of player who’d love T-Rex Slots. Fun and easy to use, T-Rex Slots are for every type of slot machine player, beginner or novice. That and it’s absolutely free, you don’t have to download it for a fee. An Internet connection and dexterity with the keyboard and computer screen is all you need to raise that bonus higher.
T-Rex Slots is the perfect pastime whether you’re taking a break from a task at work or simply having a break inside the house. Enjoy the most enjoyable and slot machine game offered on the web, thanks to the generous support of the highest rated online casino.
We offer you superb graphics and industry-grade encryption and Flash technology. No worries about losing cash—fun is all you get when you play T-Rex Slots.

Extra Large Fun with T-Rex Slots Game

T-Rex Slots features various dinosaurs you may have seen at your local museum or in books. They include Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Edmontonia. Other symbols you may encounter in this slot machine game are cards ace through 9, dinosaur egg, and Prehistoric Planet. In this game, the T-Rex symbol is the wild symbol, which you can substitute for any symbol to complete a winning combination.
If you are looking for some thrills, you might want to play with the dinosaurs for gigantic prizes and surprises!

No downloads Needed, a Slot Machine That’s Easy to Upload

Unlike most slot machine games online, you don’t have to save T-Rex Slots on your computer. This is a free, no download slot machine for your gaming pleasure. One click of the “Play Now” button and you’d have T-Rex dinosaurs screaming on your screen. You heard that right, no more downloading, no credit cards, no Paypal fees, but just fun for free.
We also provide you with the “Game Rules” link that you can access under your slot machine screen. This action does not interfere with your current game, so progress is saved.

Be a True Contender in Casino Games Tournament with our Free Online Slot Machine

Here’s another way to take advantage of T-Rex slot machine: make it a launching pad for your casino tournament entry.
If you want to be an expert in online slot machine tournaments or any other casino games on the Internet, you need of course to hone your skills. After all, we’re talking about real cash here. And what’s good in joining if you’d only lose more cash than you bring in. T-Rex Slots offer you limitless game time to practice your keyboard and cursor coordination and form great strategies for winning. Think about it: the virtual casino needs some adjusting to, and our free online slot machine is the boost you need.

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